Slenderman's Birth

Ever wondered where a Slenderman comes from? Well why don't you find out?


1. Where am I?

    She wakes up. Where is she, Who is she, why can't she move! One step at a time to avoid panic. "One- Where, a dark place with no light from anywhere other than right above me. Two- who, my name is... is... I can't remember. Moving on, Three- why, nobody would won't me to disappear... well no one would notice at least."
    A voice comes from the darkness," I see your awake. Did you enjoy your nap, Sammy?"
"How do you know my name, who are you, what are you, where am I?!" Sammy screams at the top of her lungs even though it seems so much quieter  than she had hoped for.
    The figure walks into the light. He was tall, like seven or eight feet tall, wearing a dark black suit with a bright red tie that seemed to illuminate the dark place. He didn't seem to have a face but, he was so pale, like he never went outside for a day in his life. He began to speak even though he had no mouth," Those things are so unimportant now. All you need to worry about is how long the process will take."
"What process, what are you talking about!?"
"I'm surpired that how fast it is working, seeing as your talking through the gag."
    Sammy stops, how could she not notice this. She looks at her arms and legs, they're both strapped down to some sort of medical table, like those ones that move up and down in a circle so it looks like you're standing. "Let me go!" she says as she tugs on the tightly bound straps.
"I am going to say no. You are far to rebelious to be trusted, at least for now. You should be more calm soon and then I will let you down and give your new etire." He begins to walk back into the darkness while he straightens his tie.
    Now she is alone, in the dark, she is terrified of the dark but, for some reason, it oddly calms her with cold embrace. It felt like a bear with a cold was hugging her, not squeezing just kind of floating around her. She tried to struggle again but, these straps don't budge. She starts thinking about those you might miss her... she can't think of a soul. 
    Even her parents wouldn't care if she was gone for very long, she had run away before. Her record was an entire week but, she always came back eventually. Her mother despised her for just being born. She was a teenage birth and her mother had to drop out of school to get a job to pay for them both. Her dad left a long time ago but, her step dad was just as bad as her mother. He yelled at her for everything," Take out the trash NOW or you will get the belt!" He never hit her, hard, he threatened to do it more than he did.
    The guy comes back holding something. It was a rose, and it didn't seem like the same guy. He wasn't pale but, instead very dark and his clothes weren't black but the exact opposite, white. He had a red bowtie and wasn't as tall as the first guy. "So are you enjoying your stay?" he asked very calm and soft, like he was more caring than the first guy.
    She still responded with anger," NO I'M NOT ENJOYING MY STAY! I'm tied to a table, trapped in the dark, and can't do anything about it!"
"O, I am so sorry. Here let me help you down."
    Really!? he's letting me go, why? Sammy thinks to herself. Just as the white suit starts to reach for the straps, the black suit comes in and slabs at him.
"What are you doing! She is not to be released yet, you know this, Slendy!"
Slendy? I guess thats his name or rank or code name, at least something to call him. She thinks to herself as she wishes the black suit hadn't come back.
    "I'm sorry, she seemed to be in pain and I wanted to make her more comfortable." Slendy says frightful to the black suit.
"I don't care! She is not ready and until she is I don't want to see you trying to free her! Is that understood!"
    Slendy nodded and they both walked off. Slendy looked back at me and even without eyes, he seemed to wink at me.

    Sammy was so exhausted from all this and just wanted to sleep. Just as she thought that, the table started to lower down flat like a bed. As soon as it stopped she fell asleep.

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