Angel+Vampire=Wrong, Right?

Okay, hear me out. I'm Ardith, and my bestfriend is Delimza.
We are both immortal. Why? I'm a Vampitch... Also know as a Vampire Witch. One of the few in the world. My mother is the Queen of the Whitches, and my father is the King of the Vampires. Now, it's not allowed anymore. Humans have to be with humans.. Vampires with vampires, Angles with angles. Angles? Yes, they exist. I'm the complete opposite of angles..
And the worst thing is..
I think I love one...


1. Prologue

Hi, I'm Ardith..

I know, a weird name right? Yeah, thought so too..

Well, I should start explaining who I am. 

First, I'm not a human, I'm a Vampitch, although I looked exacly like a human. I can choose myself which color my eyes can chance to. My bestfriend is a Vampire, called Delimza, and she is 802 years old. And I'm 900. 

What.. You don't know what a Vampitch is? You see, my mother is a Witch... Queen of the Witch to be exact.. My father is a Vampire, and yes, King of Vampires. So that makes me, Princess of the Vampitches! By the way, Vampitches are the most powerful creatures a live. Ever. Because the Vampires and the Witches are the most powerful creatures.

You can say I'm proud.

When my Mother gave birth to me, the one hoped I would be a Witch, while the other one, my Father, wanted me to be a Vampire.. And I became both, which I'm greatfull for, because I have the powers of Witches and Vampires all at the same time! And I get to rule the 27 other Vampitches in the world!

Right after I got born, other creatures started to make other creatures again, like, a Werewolf and a Vampire, and a Troll and an Angel (if that's even posseble), a Witch and a Dragon.... It just became to much, so Father made the Law of Pure. No one shall marry or make a child with someone of a diffrent kind. If someone did, they would get killled, including their child. And we lived like that for 899 years. 

Untill I met someone, and I almost got killed for that reason.


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