What happens next?

when Jasmine Barton was younger she had to put up with the trauma of her mother leaving but now will she have to play the mother.


1. 1st chapter

Chapter 1

The moment I wake up, I turn over and check my phone for any messages; it’s what every teenager does, isn't it?

To be honest, I think that teenagers have been stereo typed to be judged as grumpy, lazy humans, but actually I think that some of us can be normal. Although I can be grumpy it doesn’t mean I am all of the time.

“Jasmine, listen it’s not going to work between me and your Dad. But remember I will always love you.”

I say my mum’s last words in my head over and over again before I go to bed every night. Even though it’s been about six years I still remember them exactly and I don’t think I’m going to forget them.

“Jasmine, have you revised for your test yet?” Dad asks for the fifth time today.

“Yes Dad, don’t worry: it’s not until ages,” I explain.

My Dad worries about the silliest things even though they’re not worth worrying about.

“Right OK, did you go to the library to take that book back after school?” Dad asks.

“Stop worrying, I've done everything I needed to do.” I sigh.

I put my feet up on our rather dirty couch and lie back with my magazine and phone. I never get the chance to do many things now that I've started my GCSE’s because I’m revising most of the time.

I try to spend time with my Dad or with my best friend Kaylee. Me and Kaylee normally go shopping or hang out with Kaylee’s boyfriend’s friends.

“Sorry Jas, I’m just worried about your grades,” Dad says, picking up his book and sitting down next to me.

“I know, but honestly, I’m going to do fine Dad. You really don’t need to worry,” I say, turning the pages on my magazine slowly.

Just as I get to a good bit in my magazine my phone beeps. I check my phone and the message reads:

U wanna go shoppin tomoz xx ??? x K x

I read the text again, and wonder what she means by tomorrow because I thought she was meant to be going to her cousin’s house.

“Who’s that?” Dad asks curiously.

“It’s Kaylee; would it be possible if I could go shopping with her tomorrow?” I ask, knowing what the answer will be.

“Yes, but you’ll have to take the bus. I have to work for extra hours tomorrow,” Dad explains.

“Thanks,” I say cheerfully, kissing Dad on the cheek.

I smile; reply to Kaylee, then get up to go and walk to my bedroom.     

Once I finally get to my room after a rather, what feels like, a long journey from the lounge, I flop on my bed and reach for my iPod.

“Five messages, wow I’m popular,” I say to myself.

My iPod beeps again and I get another message. Just as I’m about to check the messages on Facebook, Dad calls me.

“Jasmine,” Dad shouts.

“Yes!” I shout back, getting up off my bed.

“I’m going out, do you want to come?” Dad asks, still shouting.

I decide I do need to have some fresh air after I’ve been studying all day in my stuffy bedroom.

“Alright, I’m coming,” I say sliding off my bed.

I get up properly with some help from my bed and find my shoes and phone.

“Where are we going?” I ask curiously, once I get downstairs.

“It’s a surprise for being so good about your exams and for putting up with me nagging you.” Dad says with a big grin on his face.

“Ooh, this is going to be exciting,” I say sort of sarcastically, sort of not.

When we get into Dad’s ford escort, Dad turns the radio on and I do the thing that really annoys him: I keep changing the radio to heart then some opera thing and so on.

“Where are we going?” I repeat

“You’ll find out when we arrive there,” Dad says

I list my favorite places to go but all I can think of is shopping, shopping and more shopping.

“Can you stop changing the radio, please?” Dad asks with a bit of anger in his voice.

“Not until you tell me where were going.” I say laughing.

“I can’t because then it won’t be a surprise, will it?”

“True but I hate surprises. Remember when it was my 6th birthday?” I say trying to prove my point.

When it was my 6th birthday my Dad hired Minnie mouse to come to my party (it was actually my mum in a Minnie mouse costume) but I got so scared of her I cried for days.

“That was just because you were small and didn't really like having a big mouse in the house.” Dad explains.

“Whatever.” I say crossing my arms.

“You really are a teenager aren't you Jas.” Says Dad.

He pulls into a drive with a pretty looking building that I recognize but can’t quite remember what it is.

“Do you know where we are now?” Dad asks.

“No I don’t, but I recognize it.” I tell Dad.

“I didn't think you would remember where you are but when you go inside I’m sure your gonna know what it is immediately.” Dad says whilst getting out of the car and making his way over to the entrance.

I follow him and quickly try and take in everything I can to help me remember what the place is and where we are. Just as I reach the big church like doors I get a glimpse of the sign, it says: sunshine valley, it rings a bell but still I can’t remember anything.

“What do you think?” Dad asks me when we step inside.

“Very posh.” I answer.

“I understand what you’re saying, but actually it’s not to over the top with poshness.” Says Dad

Dad sometimes randomly makes up new words like the other day he called something fabtastic even though that’s not a word. He’s a strange Dad but that’s why I love him.

“Hello, come and take a seat. Is there just two of you tonight?” a kind waiter asks.

“Yes, just the two of us tonight thank you.” Dad answers very politely.

When the waiters gone and me and Dad are quiet in the corner the waiter put us in I decide I’m going to have a wonder around. I pretend I need the toilet.

“OK, don’t be too long though we need to order some food.” Dad says holding the menu in one hand and using his other hand to help him read what it says.

My Dad isn't the best at reading; the doctors thought it was just because he was short sighted and long sited so he has glasses but now they found out as well as that he has abit of dyslexia. Before I had to help him read things but now he’s getting better.

“I wont, I’ll be back soon.” I say going left.

“The toilets are that way.” Dad says pointing to the right.

“I knew that.” I say smiling.

“Course you did.”

When I’m not in sight from other people I start to look around to see if there is anything I can see that will help me remember at least something.

“Stupid brain work.” I whisper to myself.

Just as I’m about to give up I see a picture on a notice board of someone who looks exactly like Dad and someone a tall skinny lady next to him. I make sure no one is looking and I take the picture down.

“Let’s order now.” Dad says when he sees me walking towards the table.

“OK but first, what’s this?” I say showing him the photo I found.

“I thought you would remember.”

“But why do they have a photo of you? Its abit creepy and who’s that lady next to you?” I ask curiously.

Dad laughs.

“Right, me and your mum used to own this restaurant, but when you were 9 we were forced to give it up because your mum didn't want it anymore and I couldn't run it on my own.” Dad explains

“Why didn't you ask any of your friends or even...” I say not being able to finish.

“None of my friends wanted to help and I didn't have anyone else.” Dad explains

“Oh, so is that one of the reasons mum left because...” I start to say.

“Right lets order.” Dad interrupts.

We have a lovely meal and the whole way through it we only speak to tell the waiter how lovely it is when he asks or when were going to go to the toilet which is unusual for us because were normally very chatty.


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