Big Brother Revealed

Ever wondered what process goes into making Big Brother. Ever thought about who takes out the rubbish, who powers the electricity, who comes up with the tasks?
Wouldn't it be great if those questions were answered?


1. The Big Brother House

Forty people sat at desks in a large oval shaped room each with computers and headsets. A gigantic wheel stood in the corner with a man hooked up to wires running round in circles like a giant hamster. Everyone was busily running about franticly talking and typing on their key boards.

A man dressed in a suit, hurried into the room and accepted a coffee of one of the workers, the two of them stood on the balcony overlooking the other workers below.

"Good evening sir, I think we're ready to go" as the boy handed him the coffee.

"Scout give me and update? Is everything ready?" Mr Calbone asked

"Everything sir. New bin bags, clean bedding, the cupboards has been filled with food. The Ninja's are just finishing off the vacuuming. It's almost ready for the new housemates" Scout replied, checking off his clipboard.

"Excellent. First house mate, who is it?" Mr Calbone asked taking a sip of his coffee.

"Name: Jessica Lorcun 19 lives in surrey. Quirky, easy to get along with but argues when someone says something she doesn't agree with." scout replied.

"Sounds a charmer, get ready everyone we're live"

"Emma Willis hologram, in 5 4 3 2 she's on"

"Excellent, Hamster keep on running! we don't want a power cut" Mr Calbone said clapping his hands and  pointing to the running man in the corner.


The big screen on the wall came on. Emma Willis came on screen and started talking to the Camera.

"Que the first house mate" Scout said pointing to a girl who pressed a button labelled 1. The first house mate; Jessica, excitedly ran down the runway and hugged the Hologram Emma Willis.

"Excellent Hologram update. Well done team, no body will suspect it" The housemate ran up the stairs and the doors were about to open when one of the workers shouted.

"The house ninja's are still cleaning up! She cant go in we need to get them out of there!"

"Ninja's 1 2. This is Worker 354, first house mate is entering you need to exit through the supply cupboard." Scout said pressing the headset closer to his mouth.The screen flitted to two ninja's dressed in black running about the house cleaning and flumping the cushions.

"We aren't finished yet!" one of the ninja's hissed.

"Hide in the cupboard, we can stall her by asking her to come to the diary room it will give you a minute" The two ninjas gave thumbs up to the camera before hauling the cleaning equipment into the cupboard.

"And the house mate is in, Maxwell, you're up give her a big brother welcome" Mr Calbone said.

The man Maxwell lent forward so his mouth was above the microphone, he cleared his throat and spoke into it.

"This is big brother, can Jessica please come to the Diary room" everyone in the office was silent. Jessica came to the diary room and sat in the chair.

"Hello" She said

"Hello Jessica. Big brother would like to welcome you to the house"

"Thank you big brother"

"Are you excited about entering the house?"

"Very, very, very excited Big brother. I cant wait to meet everyone"

"That's good. Big brother is looking forward to having you in the house Jessica" Maxwell said shrugging his shoulders. The workers around him laughed slightly at his words. He was improvising quite badly which was making them laugh.

"Aww thank you big brother" Another worker gave Maxwell the thumbs up meaning that the ninja's were out of the house.

"Good bye Jessica"

"Bye big brother" She said before getting up and leaving. Maxwell sat back and breathed. Everyone around his clapped some patted him on the back. then the girl on the screen left the diary room and walked about the living room.

"Well done Maxwell, you did good. Second house mate?" Mr Calbone said to him.

"Jamie, just Jamie. 21 from Manchester, girls want to be with me, guys want to be me."

"Just the guy we need. get him ready, okay and let him loose"

The next housemate walked out along the run way and posed for the cameras, he then spoke to the Emma hologram and walked up the stairs and into the house. The same thing happened for the next 11 house mates, each walking out, talking to Emma then going into the house.

"Bring it home Max!"

"This is big brother, can all house mates gather around the sofa area" When all the house mates had seated Max said again.

"Welcome to Big Brother"

"Thank you" Everyone said in unison. Max sat back from the microphone and looked at Mr Calbone who was still stood on the balcony with Scout.

"Shall I turn the Emma hologram off sir?" After about two hours of watching them get to know each other they all started to go to bed. When they were all asleep the workers just stood there watching them until Mr Calbone clapped his hands in frustration.

"Yes. Can somebody speed up time. Make it tomorrow!"

"Yes sir."

"Um Mr Calbone, can I stop running yet?" The man in the wheel asked.

"No Hamster you stop when I tell you to! Scout tell me all the housemates again"

"Jessica, Jamie, Eric, Lewis, Sam, Rebecca, Alex, Leanne, Jasper, Lexi, Karl, Seamus and Tom and Nina."

"They sound a happy bunch don't they"

"Yes sir"


The next morning (Or a few hours later) The lights were turned on in the bedroom and the house mates woke up.

"Sir shall I open the window shutters yet?" Maxwell asked.

"Hmm what's the weather like?" Mr Calbone said rubbing his chin

"Whatever you want it to be sir."

"Make it sunny"

"queuing the sun, 28°C Sir."

"Great, open the shutters. Maxwell give them an announcement" Maxwell leant over his microphone once again and spoke.

This is big brother, the garden is now open, enjoy" All of the housemates filled out into the garden and were immediately trapped. Maxwell had closed the shutters.

"This is big brother, Big brother thinks that housemates haven't got to know each other very well and so has locked you in the garden until he thinks you have. This means, no food, no heating and no clean clothes. Big brother is letting all housemates talk about everything except nominations and evictions." Maxwell sat back and awaited Mr Calbone to give him more instructions.

"Wait a while then call Jamie Jessica and Eric to the diary. I'll tell you what to do" Mr Calbone said to Maxwell.


"This is big brother, can Jamie Jessica and Eric please come to the diary room" he saw the panic on the three peoples faces as they stood up and files into the house and into the diary room.

"Hello?" Jessica asked.

"Hello. Big brother is feeling sneaky"

"What do you mean?" Eric asked.

"Big brother is going to tell the other house mates that you three have been evicted as you broke the rules by speaking about nominations."

"WHAT WE'VE BEEN EVEICTED?!" Jamie shouted in panic.

"No. You haven't. You three will become Big Brothers spies and will watch over the housemates as big brother interns. you will be watching the housemates and hearing everything they say."

"Oh okay" Jessica said.

"Housemates would like to exit the room by the door on the left." Maxwell finished. The housemates entered the room on the left which had a large sofa and three headsets and a TV screen in the middle. they all sat down and put the headsets on and began listening to what the other house mates were saying. This is when Maxwell made the announcement.

"This is big brother. Jessica, Jamie and Eric have left the big brother house due to the fact that they broke the rules regarding nominations." The housemates began to uproar but then quickly went back to talking to each other. Mr Calbone turned to Gemma and said with an evil grin upon his face.

"Gemma. Make it rain."

"Yes sir. And Rain clouds in 3 2 1" Everyone looked at the screen and sure enough it began to rain very heavily. All the housemates tried to hide underneath the shelter.

"This is big brother. Big brother thinks that you know each other well enough to come inside. At a cost though. You each have to say 3 facts about 1 housemate in order to come in the house. Sam you can go first" The young boy Sam walked to the door and said.

"Rebecca only likes cheese on pizzas, is colour blind and hates wearing socks." The door turned green and Sam went inside the house.

The other housemates did the same and soon enough all the housemates were in the house. Maxwell sat back and observed the screen.

He loved his job, even though he had to keep it a secret it made him feel like a secret spy. He couldn't tell anyone that the lights were powered by a man in a hamster wheel.

Or that Emma Willis was in fact a hologram or that the weather was controlled by a woman named Gemma or even that he was big brother but he didn't mind.

He liked it. His parents thought he was a milkman but he wasn't.

He was the eye of big brother.

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