The ups and downs of being pregnant

carly is an 18 year old girl who gets abused by her husband everyday. she runs away and finds a boy who helps her.he offers her his help and start a story filled with adventure, friendship, babies, and of course, LOVE


1. running away

 Carly's POV

"Get out here and give me a beer woman!" My husband earl was calling me. I got away from the stove and quickly opened the fridge to give earl his stupid beer. When I was going back to cook, my eyes started itching because of my allergies. I stopped to rub them for about five seconds when I heard Earl shout. "Why are you not in the kitchen? Get the hell out of here?" I started to leave but then Earl spun me around and slapped my face. He knocked me to the ground then he kicked my ribs a few times. I started to cry but then Earl saw me. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up so close to him that I could smell his horrible breath. " Stop crying bitch!" He slapped me again and then he punched my stomach. I almost cried out in pain but I didn't want to get slapped anymore so I just ignored it. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. Earl let my hair go. "Let that be a lesson to you now get back in the kitchen and finish making dinner! are you trying to starve me?!" I got up and served Earl his dinner before he got upset again. I washed the dishes an swept the floors. Just as I was going to my room I heard Earl yell at me" Carly, go get me a beer and hurry up! I swear all that guy ever does is drink beer all day. I brought Earl his beer and fell asleep even if it was only 8:30

*The next morning*

I woke up with my ribs and stomach aching. Then the memories of yesterday came flooding back. Every single day is like this. If I do something wrong then Earl slaps or kicks me. I don't know how I lated three years here but I decide I should get out. I packed a few things in a backpack and waited a few minutes to see if Earl was awake. I didn't hear anything so I quietly I opened the door and tip-toed into the hallway. I almost got to the front door but then I tripped on an empty can of beer. Stupid Earl. Speaking of the devil, Earl came out of his room and saw me on the floor." What are you doing up making all this noise?" Instead of answering I quickly got up and ran out the front door. My ankle was hurting from when I tripped but thank god Earl's running is more like jogging. He followed me for about three minutes until he fell into a hole and was too tired to get back up. He looked up at me and yelled "this isn't over bitch!!!" I kept running until I got to the park. I sat on a bench and stayed there because of my ankle. Since I didn't have a place to stay so I decide I should sleep in the park today.


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