Not Happily Ever After ( Interference 2)

This is the 2 book to Interference!!!!!It is not going to be happily ever after for some people.


5. Chapter 2


Iris's POV

When I woke up I couldn't open my eyes. I was so freaked out. Then a couple minutes later I could open my eyes. I saw was a familiar room. It was my room at Anne's house. I got up and peeked out of the door. I heard Niall talking and he was telling Anne something. I went out of the room and quietly crept down the stairs. On the last stair I stopped cuz they were in the dining room right next to the stairs and I didn't want them to see me. Then Niall said " You should meet Louis's girlfriend she is so nice. She loves shepard pie just like you. She likes the color blue too". "Fine but I will be right back I have to go get my jacket" Anne said. I ran up to the room quietly and lied down on the bed. She came in the room and I pretend to still be asleep. "Good she is still asleep. I am going to lock the bedroom door" ( the lock is on the outside so you can't get out if it is locked). Then she left. Once I heard the car pull away I got up. I tried to open the door but it wouldn't open. Then I realized there was a window. I opened it and there was bushes under the window so I dropped 2 pillows. I jumped and landed behind the bushes on the pillows. I saw somebody on the way down. When I landed I heard footsteps. A couple minutes later a boy with curly brown hair and green eyes. He held his hand out and I took it. "Are you ok?" he asked. "Yeah I do stuff like that all the time I have 2 brothers" I lie. ( I don't have 2 brothers). "I am Iris by the way" I said. "I know, I am Harry" he said. "Your friends with Niall right?" I ask. "Yeah" Harry said. "And your Niall's ex aren't you" he asked jokingly. "Yeah that is me" I said and we both laughed.

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