The luckiest girl in the world

Well, first of all, this is my first movella.. And second of all, I'm from Denmark, and I actually don't know how good my English is, but I guess we'll find out.. Please don't hate me if this movella get's freaking bad...


1. The Moving

"Sara! Have you unpacked your stuff?" it sounded from downstairs. "No mom! I'm about to! Just leave me alone!". It was the second time this year Sara and her mom had to move. Her mom, Julie, was trying to find a job, but it was hard times. Pretty much all kind of good jobs were taken, so they had to move around the country to find a good one. Before, they lived in NYC. Now, they live in London. It was far away from all Sara's friends. She didn't even want to try to get new friends, cause she knew, that one day, she was going to lose them. Like always.

*Knocks on Sara's door* "Come in...". "Hey sweetheart! How is your unpacking going?" Julie asked. "I told you to leave me alone mom!" Sara was pissed at her mom, because she kept forcing her to move. She wished that she had a father, who could stand up and tell her mom that all this moving around the countries wasn't good! But she hasn't. He died two years ago, of cancer. Ever since he died, Sara has been really insecure and she don't like new things. She wants her old life back. Three years ago, Sara would have loved traveling around the country with her family. But now... Nothing really matters anymore.

"Where do you want to put all your posters of that boy band?". "Their name is One Direction mom! And trust me, I will find space!". Sara is obsessed with One Direction. She really want to go to one of their concerts, or a meet and great! But she don't have enough money, and her mom don't want to pay for it, cause as long as she don't have a job, they don't get money. So they have to buy cheep things and save the money, until her mother finds a job.

"Well honey, I go to the store and buy some food. I'll be back in a hour. See you". Sara was glad that her mother finally left. Now, she could put on her 1D tracks and start to hang up her posters. Her biggest wish is to meet Niall Horan. He is her prince on a white horse. But she had gave up on that. How was a random 16 year old girl from America supposed to meet a member of the worlds biggest boy band. She is like one out of a million... 

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