the one that is lost

ella is a 13 year old girl born with a rare sickness ,other people are getting the sickness to ,doctors made a dome for the people with the sickness u can see thro it but its not the same ella is one of the only people born with it and doctors say that she cant be healed , this sickness spreads inside all over and slowly kills you , u can tell the ones who have it becouse they have marks all over them , doctors have found a way to heal the one not born with it ,others in the dome have died and ella is starting to get worse , can they find a way to heal the ones that are born with it or will ella be dead before they can ?


1. all about ella

hi my name is Ella i was born with a rare sickness called the marking only a couple people are born with it , so i was sent to a dome were i would be with the other ones that have marking , i live in a mansion with 6 robots , i wish i could see my family , i have an older brother and a younger brother and sister and then theirs my parents , the only time i see them is when they visit me but sense they cant come in the dome the have to be out side of it and sometimes i get mail , things have changed sense the doctors found a cure more people were healed , the doctors say ill never be able to heal because the cure doesn't work on people who were born with it yet my parents still pay for them to do it , more people are dying and healing its sad because lots of people have died , theirs only 3 people in the dome besides me and two of them are getting the treatment , the sickness is very contagious and sense i was one of the ones born with it people outside of the dome blame me for the ones they lost makes me cry to think that i could have got them sick . i have markings all over me and as u get closer their becomes more one guy in here is fully marked  i cant help feeling its my fault then again isn't it?

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