Albus Potter and the Return of the Dark Lord

Albus Potter goes to Hogwarts. He founds out surprises that kept on happening. Albus wonders if he should just not go to Hogwarts. He just hated the pressure how he had to be as good as his father in everything. But then tragedy is happening at Hogwarts and no one but Albus and his father knows what's going on. What would Albus do?


1. Chap. 1 The Hogwarts Express

Albus Severus Potter walked shyly around the Hogwarts Express. Albus wasn’t very social. He wanted to find a compartment that wasn’t full and make some friends, but, there weren’t any vacant compartment. Then he found a compartment that wasn’t full. Two boys were sitting there. Albus slowly opened the door. One of the boys shouted, “What are you doing in here? This is a compartment only for pure-blood Slytherins! And you have to be miserable that Lord Voldemort is gone! Pity that Lily Potter died for her stupid son! Anyway, the Potters are rubbish. They are not as great as people say. They are such braggers.” Albus became outraged. His grandmother was a wonderful woman. And Lord Voldemort was all wrong. Why would anyone be miserable about such a thing?

Albus said, “Then I’m not going to sit here! You know who I am? I am Albus Severus Potter! I am the son of Harry Potter! My grandmother is Lily Potter! I love my father and my grandmother! I love my whole family! Who are you anyway? I can always tell Victoire about this you know! She’s a prefect!” The boy who insulted Albus’s family said, “You’re a Potter aren’t you? Well I’m a Parkinson! My name is Derrick Parkinson. My mother is Pansy Parkinson and my father is Willfist Goyle. I know I was forced to use my mother’s surname because my father was a great supporter of Lord Voldemort. And it’s all your stupid father’s fault!”

Albus said, “My father did great things to this world. And don’t you know how many lives Voldemort ruined? He ruined my father, Teddy, Professor Neville Longbottom, Uncle George Weasley’s, and many others’ lives. DO YOU CARE?” Derrick Parkinson made a sly smile and said, “Oh it’s because they were losers. L-O-S-E-R-S! Who cares about them?” Albus wanted to kill Derrick Parkinson but he knew what his father told him about fighting with people. The boy next to Derrick Parkinson said, “Chill, Derrick. You don’t know who you are dealing with. This Potter can tell his father. It’s big trouble then.”

Parkinson said, “Just because my parents’ names are mud these days doesn’t mean that it will always be Zacharias!” Albus said, “Argue you two! I’m going!” Albus stormed out of the compartment. Then he saw Victoire coming towards him. She asked him, “Are you okay Al?” Albus nodded. Then he asked her, “Victoire, my father, you know, he really did do good to the world, right?” Victoire looked at him blankly. Then she said, “Of course he did, Al. He made Voldemort disappear.” Albus said, “Ok. Just asking.” Then he asked her, “Hey Victoire, are you still getting love notes from seventeen boys?” Victoire blushed and said, “Oh, Albus! Just shut up!” She walked away as her golden silky hair bounced along.  

Albus walked through the train again. Then he saw another compartment that was vacant. A girl and a boy were sitting. The girl was reading a thick book and the boy was staring outside the window. Albus joined them. He asked them, “So guys, what’s up?” The girl looked up from her book. She had bright blue eyes, golden hair, and she was wearing a beautiful blue dress. She was very cute and beautiful. She said, “Hello. My name is Alicia Keyes. But everyone calls me Ally. So call me Ally, please.” Her voice was dreamy and beautiful. Albus blushed and said, “Hi. I’m Albus. Albus Potter. You can call me Al if you want to. My parents and my brother do.”

Ally smiled. Then she said, “So you are Harry Potter’s son! I always liked him. I was really looking forward in meeting you!” Albus smiled back at her. “Well, I’m really different with my father and my mother. I’m really shy and I really don’t easily make friends…” Ally said, “I’ll be your friend.” Albus smiled again at her. “Thanks.” He said. Then Ally turned to the boy and said, “By the way, his name is Alex. Alex Keyes. He’s my younger brother so I’m supposed to take care of him.” Albus cried out, “Hi Alex!” No reply came. Ally said sadly, “Sadly, he was tortured by a son of a person that used to be a Death Eater. He barely listens to people now. And he is always in his own world. I never saw him talk since he got tortured. He’s half-mad now…”

Albus looked at Alex sadly. He was a good-looking boy. He had golden hair like his sister, bright green eyes, and he was wearing jeans and a T-shirt that had a picture of a wand and sparks. Albus felt bad for him. Then he felt the whole train shook. Someone was running. Someone opened the door and cried out, “’Sup Ally!” Ally looked embarrassed and said, “Shut up Andrew! Please give people peace!” Andrew turned to Albus. Albus was surprised. Andrew looked almost the same as Alex. The only difference was that Andrew was wearing his school robes and that he had dark blue eyes instead of bright green. Albus introduced himself. “Hi, Andrew. I’m Albus. Albus Potter.”

Andrew shouted, “GOOD LORD YOU ARE HARRY AND GINNY POTTER’S SON! My father used to be such a fan of Ginny Weasley when she played for the Holyhead Harpies. And Harry Potter, he’s so amazing! Anyway, see ya!” Then Andrew rushed off. Ally said closing the door after Andrew, “Andrew’s my little brother, too. He’s Alex’s twin brother. They are almost identical-” Albus cut through her words and said, “Except their eyes.” Ally looked slightly annoyed and said, “Yeah right.” Victoire came to our compartment and said, “Al, we’re arriving at Hogwarts. Get your robes on.”

Ally said, “Oh, we are. I better get my wand out.” Albus looked at her puzzled. “Why do you need your wand?” Ally said, “I can use a simple spell to get dressed.” She pointed at her trunk and said, “Hilusion Jabinski!” After one second, she was in her school robes. Albus said, “I never heard of a spell like that. And my father is an auror.”Ally said, “My father is the head of the Spell Creation Department in the Ministry of Magic. He made one and gave it to me. It isn’t in books yet. He just made it a month ago.” Albus used the same spell to get into his school robes. James came rushing into the compartment and told Albus, “Get out of the train already! You’re going to be late for the sorting!”

Albus told Ally, “Ally, let’s go.” Alley whispered, “Let’s go Alex. Let’s go.” But Alex didn’t move at all. James cleared his throat rather loudly and said, “Let me handle that for you.” He raised his wand and said, “Wingardium Leviosa!” Alex was levitating. Ally screamed. “AHHH!!! ALEX!! ARE YOU OKAY!?” James snapped, “I have a plan girl. Just shut up or you are going to get me in trouble.” Then he said, “Avis!” A flock of birds appeared. The birds held Alex. James told the birds “Get this kid into the Hospital Wing.” Ally didn’t look very happy of what James had done to Alex.

Albus told James, “Get out James.” James went out of the compartment. Albus told Alley, “Let’s go Ally. I’m sure Alex’s okay.” Ally rolled her eyes. “I guess.” We rushed out of the train and went into the castle. Professor Longbottom told everyone that he would read the names and the person would put on a hat. Albus became very nervous. But he remembered what his father had said before he left: Albus Severus Potter, you were named after two headmasters of Hogwarts and one of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I knew.

Professor Longbottom started calling the names. “Alston, Eric.” The hat shouted, “Gryffindor!” Asher, Tegan was sorted into Slytherin with Goyle, Salazar. Then Professor Longbottom finally shouted, “Keyes, Alicia!” Ally walked up to the hat and put it on. It took a while to decide, but, at the end, it shouted, “GRYFFINDOR!” Albus became more nervous. Then Professor L. shouted, “Longbottom, Helena!” She was sorted into Ravenclaw. Then Longbottom, William was sorted into Gryffindor. Malfoy, Scorpious was of course sorted into Slytherin.

Then Professor L. shouted, “Potter, Albus!” Albus felt everyone staring at him. He also saw James sniggering. He put on the hat nervously. The hat whispered in his ear, “No, not Slytherin. Too nice. And not Hufflepuff! Too valuable for that! Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. But I think you would do better in-” Then it finally shouted, “GRYFFINDOR!” Albus smiled. He was so happy and relieved. He could hear the Gryffindors cheering. Albus ran towards them. He sat next to Ally. Right next to him, a boy said hi. He said, “Hi, I’m Eric. Eric Alston. Nice to meet you.”

After the feast and everything, all the Gryffindors followed the Prefects, Victoire Weasley and Jack Millstone to the Gryffindor tower. When they got in, they went into their dormitories. Albus ended up sharing one with Eric Alston, William Longbottom, and Max Quake. Albus stared at the ceiling. He missed his father’s voice, his mother’s good-night kiss, and even his little sister Lily’s teasing. But soon, he fell asleep.

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