The Call That Started It All


1. Chapter 1

I was standing in my room listening to Shane and Joey talk about fan fictions (wierd I know) but right when Shane was about to kiss Joey my phone rang

"hello?" I said with my mind focused on how funny the video was gonna be until an australian accent caught my attention.

"yea hi is Kelly there?" I looked at my phone an started to laugh. "um I think you have the wrong number." "oh shit sorry. Um thanks." he said as he hung up.

I sat and watched the rest of the video and couldn't stop laughing. the video was almost over when I heard my sister coming up the stairs. "hey riah!"

she came in the room crying slamming herself on the bed. "hey what's wrong?" she looked up at me "mom says we are moving out to Australia. she got a promotion at work and they are sending her there."

looking at here still a little confused I wasn't sure why she was so upset about it. "isn't that good news?" she shook her head at me and started to scream her head off. "no it's bad news now I have to leave James."

James is her bf (obviously) they've been dating for a year or so. we live in California the sunny state. not a fancy neighborhood or anything but we live close to the beach. Newport Beach that is.

"Mariah give it a chance I promise if you don't like it we will come back."she shook her head and started to cry more. I knew that only one thing could solve this. One Direction.

"look Mariah if you go I will get you front row tickets, backstage passes and a meet and greet for the One Direction concert in Australia" she wiped her tears and made me swear I would.

her one weekness, One Direction. we stood there talking while when my phone rang. "hello?" I said waiting to hear someone talk on the other end. "Um yea hi is uh kimberly there?" he said with his thick accent.

I laughed "um no you have the wrong number again." he laughed and hung up. "who was that sis?" mariah asked as she was finishing up the bit we were packing. I looked at her and laughed

"it's just some guy who keeps calling. he sounds cute tho." I said with a smile. "what does he sound like?" I look at her and laugh then go to YouTube and google Australian accents and find a video with a group of guys called the Janoskians (Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation).

"is that what they sounded like?" I nodded and said "it was just one guy that called tho." she nodded and smiled I think I might like going to Australia after all.

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