hi . im Brittany. nobody really knows me, because im the shy one in class. I only had 1 best friend , niall horan, but he left for the x-factor a few months ago and hes in a really big band called one direction. I don't like them, Niall said he would never forget me, but when I try to get in contact with him, its like he ignores me. so, heres my story.


1. my life now.

hi again. I hope you read the description because that explains this story. but let me tell u about myself.

im Brittany

I have blue eyes

I have long brown hair

im really shy and barely talk.

I have a job at Madison square garden, and im supposed to keep the performers entertained . they were all really nice, but one direction was coming tomorrow. ugh! I don't want to see or hear of niall again ! but I cant quit ! I need the money and I do love my job. but , tomorrow, I have to face niall again. yippee...






authors note

I know this is short but I just wanted to explain who my character is. next chapter will be longer and im writing it right now ! :)

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