The Life Of Kat Davis

Hello Julia,
Today was the worst. The bullying is getting more harsh and my friends are starting to be mean.

Eric is ignoring me more lately. I think he's cheating on me. Well I'll talk more later.

Love, Kat.


1. Dear Umm, Diary?

This is my first real movella. I hope you like it!


So, before I write about my day, I am NOT going to write "Dear Diary" like a little kid would. I am going to write "Hello Julia".

Hello Julia,

So my care giver Hailey, said that I should write my feelings down. So she brought me this journal. Because of my bullying problem. I am bullied at school, for having my parents die in a crash on a Double-Decker Bus and because I have black freckles.

Ok, let me now tell you about what happened at school today.


This morning I put on a a pink, singlet, denim blue skinny jeans, and my blue nikes. Running down the hall, I quickly grabbed my blue bag and waved goodbye to Hailey.

"Wait!" She called after me. I turned towards her and smiled.

"Yes, Hailey? I'm kind of late,"

"Want a ride?" She said grabbing her keys.

"Sure," I  said going out the door.

She followed me out and unlocked the car doors. I jumped in and put my bag down.


We got to the gates of school, and we saw kids walking to class.

"Thanks Hay" I said hoping out. I soon spotted my friends and ran towards them.

"Hey guys" I said when I got there.

"Hey Kat. Lol, your always late," Rolanda said looking at me. We started to walk to class, but then the bullies came towards us.

"What's up, girlies?" Said head bully, Ross.

"Go away, Ross," Said Mina.

"Just you wait, Kitty Kat. We will get you tomorrow," he snickered, then walked off.

"Ignore him Kat," said Jackie.


That's all that really happened today.


Love, Kat. 



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