escaping the friendzone

Arianna finnigion is seamus finnigons older sister best friends with the weasleys and in love with fred but when fred puts her in the friendzone Arianna has a challenge to escape the friendzone.


1. the owl

Arianna finagon  was hanging out in her room as usual. She was mad about how her brother Seamus had stolen her favorite book. When all of a sudden a giant brown barn owl crashed threw the open window and onto her bed. After Arianna recovered from that scare she ran to tell her mother what happened. "Mum a giant owl crashed onto my bed and its just waiting there with a letter!" Mum smiled and took my hand. she then told me something unimaginable. 'Honey i am a witch." I stood there stunned with a stupid look on my face wondering why i was being told now. She told me about a school called hogwarts then we went up stairs and she took the letter from the owl. Mum read it over then went to tell my brother whom i was still mad at.

Hi! well i am new here so it might suck. I will make the next chapter longer thank you.

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