My Supernatural Story

Sam and Dean Winchester started out as simple hunters, right? They've fought demons, angels, ghosts, etc. But have they ever met their match? Has anyone really shown them up? Sam and Dean meet a pair of hunters unlike anyone they've ever met. From the first episode and on, their story changes.


4. Bobby

Jessica and I pulled up to Bobby’s around ten in the morning. She was excited, especially since Bobby could be the key to her memories. We hopped out of my car and up to the front door. I looked over at Jess, she nodded, and I knocked. There was no answer, so I knocked again, still nothing.

“Hello?” I spoke up and knocked again. The door opened a crack and I could see a slither of a man’s face.

“No solicitors!” The man growled.

“We’re not here to sell anything.” Jessica said.

“Do you work for the government or police?” He asked us; Jess and I exchanged confused glances.

“No, I’m Marilyn and this is Jessica. Ellen sent us.” I watched him as he looked at us and opened the door all the way.

“Jessica Morrison?” His face was pale.

“Yes…” Jessica said.

“Henry and Grace’s little Jessica?” He analyzed her, not even bothering to glance at me.

“I think so?” She shrugged and glanced at me.

“They told me you were dead.” He stood there in awe.


After establishing our identities and Bobby actually recognizing Jessica, he let us inside. We were now sitting in his kitchen, Bobby and I were sipping beers, while Jess just sat and watched us. Considering she was only 20, I didn’t let her drink.

“So wait, you’re a creature now?” Bobby questioned. He was leaning against the kitchen counter listening to Jessica’s story about how she was turned.

“Yes, the Mai scratched through the skin. Their poison turned me and I lost almost all of my memory. With the exception of a few.” She fiddled with her fingers.

“Like what?” Bobby asked.

“I remember my brothers, mostly Matthew.” She looked over at him and he nodded at her.

“And you’re the girl Ellen taught how to hunt, right?” Bobby looked at me.

“Yes sir.” I took another sip of my beer.

“She sent you over here for Jess?”

“Yes.” I paused and contemplated my next words. “And something about the Winchester boys.” I watched him as his face slowly twisted into confusion.

“What about the Winchesters?” He said.

“Ellen was concerned that Sam and Dean were hunting together.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Sam and Dean Winchester?” Bobby asked. “Hunting together? When?”

“Yes, we ran into them just the other night and they kicked us off their case.” I finished my beer and set it on the table.

“This is bad.” Bobby started to pace.

“Why?” Jessica asked.

“Where are they?” Bobby stopped and stared at us.

“Last we checked they were in Wisconsin.” I said.

“Well you girls need to go and find them. Sam and Dean haven’t hunted together in years. If they are that means something’s up with John.” He said.

“Who’s John?” Jessica asked.

“John is their father.”

“So, you’re saying that we should stop hunting so we can track down boys that have daddy issues?” I sarcastically replied.

“No, I’m saying that you need to find them and help them. It doesn’t mean you have to stop hunting.” Bobby half-yelled.

“How are we supposed to do that?” Jessica tilted her head at Bobby.

“Start in Wisconsin, try to find them and if you can’t, work a job or two. Just make sure you find them.” He sternly spoke.

“Alright.” Jessica said. “I guess we have to go back to Wisconsin.” She looked over at me and I nodded in agreement.

“Thanks Bobby. We appreciate it.” Jessica got up and hugged him. I followed behind her and shook his hand since I didn’t know him that well.

“You girls be safe.” He spoke to us as we started walking towards the door. “And find those Winchesters.” He yelled as we shut the door and headed out to our car. I drove away and we started towards Wisconsin. The road was smooth and there was no traffic, actually there weren’t any cars on the highway we were driving. It was open road for the next few hours.

“Why do you think he wants us to find them again?” Jess spoke to me as she looked out the window.

“Because f their Dad? I don’t know.” I shrugged and watched the road.

 “I think we should listen to him, since he seemed so shook up about them hunting.” Jessica turned to look at me; I glanced at her, but looked back at the road.

“Yeah, I guess.” I gripped the steering wheel and pressed on the gas pedal. Jess turned on the radio and we sat in silence as Highway to Hell played in the speakers. I drove and thought about all the possibilities that could come out of trying to find Sam and Dean again. They already tried to kill us once, maybe this time they might finish the job. Maybe we were on the highway to hell.

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