Its The End Of The World As We Know It

Lacey, is dating Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds Of Summer. But when the world goes into chaos, what will happen to Lacey and Luke. Will be able to find love during this dark time, or will they go down with everyone else.


3. We Gotta Get Out of Here


I awake with a startle.  I look around, hoping to see Luke.  "Luke" I scream, hoping for him to answer.  I suddenly started to feel a pain in my arm.  It was trapped under a piece of rubble.  "Lacey! Where are you" I heard Luke call.  "Luke! Help me I'm stuck! It hurts, Luke!" I cry hoping for him to find me soon.  Luke Came running to me and helped me push the piece of rubble off my arm.  When I was free, I gave him a hug, not caring that my arm was bleeding onto the back.  "I was so worried about you" Luke said, " Lets get you bandaged up and find the others.  Luke got me the first aid kit, as he went to find the others.  "Lacey!", a voice called from under the rubble.  " Mikey! Where are you?" I yell. I finish bandaging my arm and look for him.  I start pulling away the rubble.  I uncovered his face, and then an arm.  He started to help me uncover him.  When we get him out, we go to help Luke find the others.  I look around at the destroyed house.  Fear grows in my mind as I wonder what it is like outside. This was my first time experiencing an earthquake.  Suddenly, we heard a scream come from upstairs.  "Calum!"


Michael and I ran up the stares to find Calum's leg pinned under shredded piece of metal. There was blood everywhere. He was propped up on his elbows wincing in pain and Mandy, who was sobbing, tried to keep him calm. Michael ran to Calum's aid and attempted to lift the sharp metal off of our friend. "Luke! Calum's pinned! We are in here! Come help" I called out as I pulled Mandy who was clinging onto her boyfriend, away from Calum who was beginning to turn pale. Luke and Ashton came in as fast has their legs would let them. Ash had a big gash on his face which was not yet bleeding. They ran to assist Michael in lifting the rubble off Calum's leg. I remembered to first aid kit and ran to get it. When I came back, they had it almost off of him. He was crying and and begging for them to stop but they couldn't. A big shard of metal was still in his leg but the boys just couldn't lift his high enough. "Mandy! Pull him out of they way when we lift it high enough!" I call as I help lift the shredded piece of junk.

She did just as I told her and when I finished bandaging him up I looked now at my hands. They were covered in blood. Tears ran down my face and all I could think was that this wasn't a dream. This was real.

I felt Luke's hand oh my shoulder and his grip tightened and I flinched from his touch. I turned to look up at him with my blood shot eyes.

"We gotta get out out of here" he frowned, "this building could collapse any moment. Ashton and I will help Calum out."

I nodded stiffly.

As I turned the knob of the front door. I took in a deep breath and looked outside. The distance was all smoke and bright flickering lights. Fire. Car alarms were going off all down the streets.

"I don't think we are in Kansas anymore toto" Michael mumbled as we began out walk to the hospital.



So I haven't updated in a year. I hope you guys still know I exist.

I'm so sorry I guess I just forgot to check up on this app. I'm such a social media freak that sometimes I forget about some apps. This isn't the first time it's happened.

Hopefully you guys are still willing to read this. I might continue to update but I might not. Idk.


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