Its The End Of The World As We Know It

Lacey, is dating Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds Of Summer. But when the world goes into chaos, what will happen to Lacey and Luke. Will be able to find love during this dark time, or will they go down with everyone else.


4. Not In Kansas Anymore

The boys took turns help Calum down the road that was littered with cars and rubble and fires. There were people crying and people running in fear. When Luke wasn't helping Calum, he would rap his arms around me and whisper into my temple, "I'm here to protect you" hand then kiss me. When it was his turn to help Calum I would walk close to him. I never left his side and he never left mine. When we reached the hospital a sigh of relief came across all of us. Hospitals have backup generators so of course it had power. The lights coming from the windows lit up the street like a light show. We all rushed in with Calum groaning from the pain. "Oh god it hers Mikey" he spoke faintly. His eyes were shut. He was exhausted from the walk.

We would have taken Ashton's car if it wasn't for the garage collapsing on it.

Nurses came rushing over with a wheel chair and a doctor can over too. "He's not infected. I need to stitch he's wound up" he spoke to the nurse. She nodded and ran off. Mandy became panicked, "wait don't you have to do this in a room?" She asked nervously. He frowned at her, "so many people have been injured from the quake that there are no rooms open. We are filled to the max." He glanced over at me and saw my arm. "Let me see that," he asked reaching a hand out to pull the bandage off. I jumped back, "no it's fine," I answered shaky. I felt Luke's arm around my back. I turned to see him looking at me with a worried but calming face. I sighed and let the doctor look at my arm. Luckily It didn't need stitches and it wasn't infected. He just bandaged it up and cleaned the cut.

Later that evening Calum was able to walk but he needed crutches. We stayed in the main hall of the hospital which had people every where. It was beginning to become morning and the sun was jus coming up. I sat awake all night watch all the injured people coming in the big front doors begging the closest person to them for help.

"You ok babe?" Luke asks worried as he brings over a coffee for me.

"Ya. I'm just..." I was talking faintly I turned to him to finish my sentence, "how bad do you think it is out there?"

He shifted uncomfortably, "I have no idea."

We both watched the doors and the people around us until the doctor was able to let Calum go.

We gathered up what little we had snatched up from the house and head for the doors. Luke reached for my hand as we neared the doors. I glanced at him with a nervous face.

"It's ok," he whispered as he pecked my cheek. We all took a deep breath and passed through the doors.

Sounds of sirens surrounded us. The city in the distance had smoke coming from every tower and sirens from every fire truck in the area.

It's gonna be a long while til things are back to normal.

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