Its The End Of The World As We Know It

Lacey, is dating Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds Of Summer. But when the world goes into chaos, what will happen to Lacey and Luke. Will be able to find love during this dark time, or will they go down with everyone else.


2. Get Down!

As we all stood in the kitchen talking, Luke rapped his arm around me, putting his hand in my back pocket. I looked at him with the 'seriously' look with a huge smile on my face. He smiled back with a shrug. Suddenly we heard the door slam. "Anyone here", a small girly voice comes from the living room. A big smile grows on Calum's face. He knows who it is. "We're in here", I shout.

A short Bleach blonde girl walks in smiling. She has been my best friend since we were in kindergarten. I've known her longer than we knew about the 5SoS boys. Calum walks over to and gives her a big Hug, "I've missed you Mandy." He says kissing the top of her head.

I turn to Luke with a big smile. He smiles back at me and goes to kiss my nose but I move before he can and our lips lock.


*Later that night*


We all sat on the couch watching a movie.  It was 1:00am and I was exhausted but I didn't want to stop cuddling with Luke.  I never want to leave his side.

"I'm tired.  I think I'm gonna go to bed now.  This movie is boring," Ashton says as he gets up and stretches. He gave a big yawn and headed up stairs to his bedroom. We all started yelling instead of talk, just to piss him off.  He screamed at us to shut up and started to laugh. When our movie ends, I look over to see Mandy is asleep on Calum's lap and he is asleep himself. I poke Calum in the cheek making him jump, while waking Mandy up at the same time. I laugh because Mandy had the most scared look on her face.

"Maybe you two should go to bed before Lacey scares you guys again", Michael laughs. Mandy smacks me in the arm and with out a work, walks to Calum's room.


Me, Luke, and Michael all sit awake talking for a little while before deciding to put in another movie. Half way through the movie, Michael falls asleep too. Luke and I decide to stop the movie for a little bit. By now its 4:00am.

"Want a snack?" Luke asks as he gets up. I fall over in the spot where he was just sitting, "sure. Chocolate ice cream please." I say smiling. Luke laughs as he went into the kitchen.


I turn the movie back on and look over at Michael. I find some pieces of paper and roll them up. I carefully stick them up he nose, hoping he won't wake up. I was trying so hard not to laugh and when Luke came back in, I quickly jumped back to my seat on the couch smiling. "What were yo-" Luke asked curiously before looking over at Michael. He started to laugh almost dropping the ice cream. I take the ice cream from him as he pulls out his phone to take a picture...


That's when it happened.


The entire building began to shack. Luke looked around confused and scared. Michael woke up with a startle and wide eyes. I looked at Luke with tears starting to stream down my cheeks. "Get down! He yelled as pieces of the room started to fall. I got down beside the couch and started to crawl behind the couch but I was hit in the head by something and got knocked out.


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