Its The End Of The World As We Know It

Lacey, is dating Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds Of Summer. But when the world goes into chaos, what will happen to Lacey and Luke. Will be able to find love during this dark time, or will they go down with everyone else.


1. An Ordinary Day

The bell rings and I'm one of the first people up out of my seat. It the end of the day at school and I finally get to see Luke. He's finally come home from his tour and its now the weekend so we get to spend the whole weekend together. I grab up all my books and head to my locker. I shove my books in my locker and grab my coat and my bag. I shut my locker and walk fast down the hall way with a big smile on my face. When I get out in the parking lot Luke is there. He's wearing his favourite pair of skinny jeans that have one of the knees ripped open. his happy face shirt and the beanie I gave him before he left on tour. "Luke", I call as I wave to him, when he notices me a big smile comes across his face. I run into his arms giving him a big hug. I missed his hugs, protecting and warm. "I missed you", he whispers,

"I missed you so much" I say back.

"Lacey!", I hear calling. Its was Chrissie, "O. M. G. Luke is back, that's so awesome."

Chrissie is one of those 'popular' girls who don't even notice you exist until you get famous or something, and since I'm dating Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer, who she wouldn't have known about if it wasn't for me, she thinks she can talk to me now.

"So I was wondering if you and Luke wanna go to a party with me this weekend?"

"I'm sorry Chrissie, but I haven't seen Luke since be left on his tour. We kind of just want to spend this weekend alone."

"Fine", she grumbles as she walks away all sassy like she always does.

" Shall we go now? I'm kinda scared of another one coming up to us", Luke laughs, "alright." I answered happily.

We walk down the street and talk about the tour and how my schooling is going. As we walked a car blasting rap music pulled up from behind. I sighed knowing who it was. It was Collin. almost every girl at school had a crush on him. I don't know why, but I'm not one if them. I absolutely hate him because he thinks he can get any girl in the world. And because of me not being single, he thinks he can get me. But I love Luke.

As Collin rolled down the window, I Yelled at him to go away without looking at the car.

"Oh come on, Lacey. You know you wanna", he yelled out the window, music still blasting.

Luke looked at him with a 'Get your ass out of here' look. Collin just rolled his eyes and skidded off, leaving us in the dust.

"I hate him", I rolled my eyes. "Don't worry, I can make sure he won't bother you", comforting me. Luke squeezed my hand.

When We arrived at the 5SOS house, Calum was there to greet us.

"I'm glad to see you Lacey, How was school?", He asked as he hugged me with a warm greeting. Michael and Ashton came and greeted me as well. I'm so happy that my Boyfriend and 3 best friends are finally home.

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