Their new stylist

Hannah just turned eighteen and can finally move away from her parents. But when she moves from Connecticut to London she finds herself unemployed. Her parents gave her money to buy a flat but that'd only last a month or two. Hannah wants to do something with fashion, and makeup. That's what she's always been good at. But it is basically impossible to find a job like that in London. One Direction's old stylist just had to quit to take care of her daughter more. And in the music business you have to look your best. They are about to go on another tour too, with the new band 5Sos. So what happens when their two worlds collide?


3. Interview and testing

Their new stylist:

Interview and testing


Hannah's POV:

I wake up in the morning to my alarm clock blaring. I groan as I stretch. Feeling like a robot I jump in the shower get out, coffee, morning routine. Then the coffee kicks in and I put on a black and white floral bralet, a high waisted baby blue skater skirt, a light tannish/ powder color boyfriend blazer, and nude peep toe heels. I add a blue sea pendant, paint my nails blue,and put my hair in a waterfall braid.

I put on a light layer of foundation so my face is glowing, a tan eye shadow, eyeliner on top, mascara, fill in my eyebrows, bright pink lipstick, and lip-gloss.


A hour until the interview. I have a few grapes then run out. It take forty five minutes to get to Syco.

After the taxi gets there I hope out. I straighten my outfit then walk in.

"Hello, I have an interview. My name is Hannah Rodriquez." I tell the man at the desk.

"Hi. Okay go to floor 10, room B. They aren't busy." He tells me. I walk upstairs with my heels clicking. When I get to the room I sigh and knock on the door. This is it.

"Come in!" I hear. I open the door and see a mean looking man.

"Hello, I'm Hannah Rodriguez. I have an interview." I say.

"Ahh sit down." I do. "So what makes you wanna be a stylist?" He ask.

"Well when I was in school people would bully me. They always told me that I was ugly and I would never be anything. But I'm not trying to get your pity. I wanna prove them wrong. I want to make them realize that putting me down didn't make them any better. And I've always been in love with makeup, and fashion." I answer truthfully. He nods.

"I like your honesty. This is really simple. I just have to look through your records, and you have to do the band's hair, and makeup but that's it." He says. "Oh and my name is Mr. Phil." I smile and nod.

"Okay seems easy enough." I say. He leads me to a room that looks like a personal hair salon. One Direction is sitting in the seats.

"Okay first of all what's all of your names?" I ask. They all tell me. "Well I'm Hannah. So who first?"

"ME!" Lou says.

"Okay." I smile. I do his hair so it's sweepy, and put on foundation so it's not noticeable but his flaws are gone.

"Next." Zayn steps up. I fix the mess and make it a certain messy. Get what I'm saying? Anyways I do foundation on him too.

For Liam's hair I do nothing and I put on foundation, for Niall's hair I Quiff it and put on the same makeup, and for Harry I just add hairspray so it doesn't screw up, then foundation.

"Voilà!" I say. They turn around and look impressed. THEY ALL LOOK HOT! But what eves, not like they'll even look at me.

The boys go in the room with Mr. Phil to talk. They all walk out smiling. The boys walk somewhere unknown by me.

"Come here Hannah." Mr. Phil says. I walk in his office again and sit down. He looks very serious. I ruined the interview. Fuck. "So you are perfect for the job. But you get a lot of hate from working with the boys. I looked in your files. And after the incident two years ago in December I'm not sure.." He trails off.

"I swear it won't happen again. It's all better now." I rush to say.

"Okay. Well then YOU GOT THE JOB!" He says.


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