Their new stylist

Hannah just turned eighteen and can finally move away from her parents. But when she moves from Connecticut to London she finds herself unemployed. Her parents gave her money to buy a flat but that'd only last a month or two. Hannah wants to do something with fashion, and makeup. That's what she's always been good at. But it is basically impossible to find a job like that in London. One Direction's old stylist just had to quit to take care of her daughter more. And in the music business you have to look your best. They are about to go on another tour too, with the new band 5Sos. So what happens when their two worlds collide?


8. Hate and Luke

Their new stylist:

Hate and Luke


Hannah's POV: (By: TributesDirectioner)


CRASH! I wake up suddenly. I get out of bed and walk in the living room area of the bus. I see the boys (5Sos) running around with nerf guns. As soon as they see me they drop the guns.

"What the fudge are you guys doing? It's like 6!" I rub my eyes.

"Umm actually it's 12." Calum corrects.

"What?" My eyes widen.

"Yeah. It's 12." Michael says.

"Well Imma go get dressed." I tell them.

"Can I come?" Ashton ask smirking. Luke sends him a death glare. What's that about?

"Yeah. In you wildest dreams(Pun intended)." I laugh. I walk into the sleeping area, and close and lock the doors.

I get a tight comic crop top, a leather skirt(it shows my stomach), neon yellow platform heels, a plain black chunky bracelet, and neon yellow upside down triangle earrings. I leave my hair how it naturally wavy, and leave it down. I put on foundation, navy blue eye shadow, black eyeliner on top and bottom, mascara, and bright red lipstick. (pic in comments)

(pretend she already brushed her teeth before she got dressed)

I go to the bathroom and pull out the scale. I step on it and close my eyes. I open them and see three numbers.


Tears fill my eyes. I gained two pounds! (American) I hear banging at the door.

"Hey, hurry up! I gotta use the bathroom." I hear Calum yell from outside the door. I quickly slide the scale back under. I wipe my eyes and open the door.

"Finally!" Calum sigh and runs in. I go back to the sleeping area, and fix my makeup. I try to smile. But I can't. No one likes me. I'm too fat. And ugly. I'm useless.

I walk out, into the living room area. I see all the boys playing Fifa. I sit down on the end and go on my phone. I open my Twitter. A bunch of hate.


'Eww why is that fat bitch hanging out with MY husbands?'

'That worthless hag needs to fuck off.'

'Gold digger.'

'Slut. She's probably fucking all of them.'

I've heard most of the names before. Well besides gold digger. I'm used to it. So I don't get angry, or sad. I feel nothing. Numbness. I keep scrolling through it and only one gets to me.

'Did you know her sister died? I bet she killed her. She's a ugly worthless bitch. Even her parents hate her.'

Tears fill my eyes. I throw my phone across the room. The boys all look at me startled. I run into the bathroom. I look at the one thing that used to keep me sane.

No. I haven't done it in three years. Not since it happened. I hear banging at the door.

"OPEN UP!" Luke yells. I slowly open the door to see Luke with tears in his eyes.

"Are you okay?" He ask me. I nod.

"No you aren't." Luke says and pulls me into his arms. I sob into his chest. "What they say isn't true." He mumbles.

"Yes it is." I say quietly.

"No it's not. They are just jealous." He says.

"Yes it is. I'm a fat, ugly useless bit-" Luke cuts me off my smashing his lips on mine.

"No you're not! All the boys love you. Just me a little different." He whispers the last part. He kisses me softly. Our lips move in sync. I wrap my arms around his neck and he puts his around my waist.

"GET SOME!" The other boys yell. Luke pecks my lips one more time before dragging me to sit next to him on the couch.

So will you be my girlfriend?" Luke whispers in my ear. I look at his eyes. I kiss him on the lips.

"Does that answer your question?" I giggle. He pecks my lips before putting on a movie. I snuggle up to him.







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