Their new stylist

Hannah just turned eighteen and can finally move away from her parents. But when she moves from Connecticut to London she finds herself unemployed. Her parents gave her money to buy a flat but that'd only last a month or two. Hannah wants to do something with fashion, and makeup. That's what she's always been good at. But it is basically impossible to find a job like that in London. One Direction's old stylist just had to quit to take care of her daughter more. And in the music business you have to look your best. They are about to go on another tour too, with the new band 5Sos. So what happens when their two worlds collide?


7. Getting on the bus

Hannah's P.O.V 

Today is the day that we leave for tour. I'm super excited cause this is basically the first day of my job even though my first day was yesterday. When I get up out of bed I get a shower then I get dressed I put on black skinny jeans, then I put on a green tank top, then finally I put on white converse. After I'm done getting dressed I put on my light make-up and then do a neat tidy and tight bun. 

When I'm done that I grab my iPhone, my bag, and my keys and lock up the apartment and leave. 

When I get in the car I start to drive. Then turn on the radio. When I turn it on the boys were on. Ah, I might as well keep it on I'm gonna have to listen to them singing all the time now so what the heck. As their song finishes I get to where I have to meet up with the tour buses. When I get off I'm greeted with a bunch of hugs by everyone the boys and 5SOS. Wow these boys like to hug. 

" HIII HANNAH!!!" Louis said " Hi Lou" I said as I laughed. " H-hi Hannah." Luke said. I wonder why he stuttered. " Hey Luke!" Then I go and say hi to everyone else. After I say hi I put all my stuff on Luke, Ashton, Michael, and Calum's bus since I will be in there instead of the staff bus. 

After I put my stuff on there we got off the bus and went on the other bus for right now with the other boys. " So what do you guys do when your on these buses?" " Wellll we play video games, watch TV, talk, sleep, and go on our phones and computers" Harry said. " Well that's not very fun." " Well what do you find fun?" " I like to play bored games and then party games when there's nothing to do." " Ok well we will take that idea into thinking" Liam said.  " Hey guys we are leaving in 5 so get on your buses." " Ok " we all said " Well boys I think we should get on our buses!" I said to the boys ( 5SOS) " Ok well we will see you guys when we have our pit stop." " BYE!" The other boys said ( 1D) " Bye!" Me and 5SOS said and got off the bus and went to our bus. 

Hey!!! I'm your new co-author!! Just wanted to say hi and then tell you that I'm gonna write too. Jayde 😜

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