Their new stylist

Hannah just turned eighteen and can finally move away from her parents. But when she moves from Connecticut to London she finds herself unemployed. Her parents gave her money to buy a flat but that'd only last a month or two. Hannah wants to do something with fashion, and makeup. That's what she's always been good at. But it is basically impossible to find a job like that in London. One Direction's old stylist just had to quit to take care of her daughter more. And in the music business you have to look your best. They are about to go on another tour too, with the new band 5Sos. So what happens when their two worlds collide?


12. Ashton and Nikki

Their new stylist:

Ashton and Nikki


Hannah's POV:

Later that day we... well no... the boys (one direction) had to get ready for a signing.

I pushed them into their dressing rooms and started with Harry and his hair.

The old stylist or him always made him a quiff kind of so I did to.

Niall got one as well.

I just left Zayn's messy.

Louis' swept to the side like in old times and only sometimes this year.

and Liam got his... Mini quiff.

All of them got a outfit. They went off and left were Ashton, Luke,  Calum and Michael. Oh yeah I had to come with them if 'something' happens.

So I sat there, behind a curtain for 3 hours and did nothing.. well twitter and instagram and all this unsocial stuff. And by unsocial I mean not involving real people.

After these 3 hours (and I need to say this now) of hell we drove back. As we got in the bus we were the only ones.

"Guess they are out" Zayn said.

And he was right.

After 1 hour of cleaning, showering and doing useless stuff they all came back.

Ashton had a lady with him and he seemed drunk.

All the others weren't that drunk, they walked properly. Ashton starts talking to the girl about.. umm 'R' rated stuff..

Yeah he's drunk..

The girl is beautiful with long wavy blond hair. She's not dressed in a tight, short dress like most girl clubbers are, but in a pair of high waisted jeans, wedges, and a bralet. (Looks like Ashley Benson)

They try to go to the bedroom, but Liam stops them there. "Nope. We gotta sleep there. Let's get you two to sleep." Liam helps them lay down on the couch and they fall asleep immediately.

"Missed me?" A voice whispers in my ears, sending chills down my spine. I turn around in his arms and peck his lips.

"Of course Lukey." I laugh.

"LET"S WATCH MEAN GIRLS!" Louis yells out of no where interrupting mine and Luke's intense romantic staring contest thingy.




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