The Shanklin Witch Academy Champion

Shanklin Witch Academy is a small magic school on the Isle of Wight. This small school will travel to one of the most known school's in Europe, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, for the Triwizard Tournament. But when average fourteen year old student, CeCe Chambers, is chosen to compete on behalf of her school she realizes everybody is counting on her. While trying to beat Durmstrang champion, Aleksandar Dimitrov, and Hogwarts champion, James Potter, and being to first from her school to ever compete, will she become the first from her school to win?

(Notes) - This takes place 22 years after battle of Hogwarts & Thanks to ATarnishedSoul for the amazing cover.


7. Chapter 7

The Yule Ball was that night and CeCe still didn’t have a partner. Everyone had a partner.

        But CeCe had been too busy working out how to stay underwater for an hour. Then when CeCe went to find Rose for help, she found her talking with Albus. “Hey, Rosie,” CeCe smiled but before she could ask, Rose said, “Albus wants to ask you something.” Then looked over at Albus who just muttered, “I can’t. I just can’t.”

“Oh, Al. Stop being silly and just ask her.” Rose moaned.

        After waiting a few minutes, Albus walked up to CeCe and said “Will you go to the Ball with me?” CeCe was gob smacked. Albus Potter asked her to go to the Yule Ball with him? “S-sure.” CeCe stuttered. She walked back to the Shanklin Witch campsite, forgetting about what she had wanted to ask Rose beforehand.

        Once she got back to the tent she squealed with joy. “CeCe? What’s wrong?” Adella questioned.

“He asked me! He asked me!” CeCe cried as tears of happiness fell from her sapphire blue eyes. “Who asked you?” Adella asked looking at her friend as if she had gone bananas. “Albus asked me to the ball.” CeCe explained.

        Then everyone else in the tent heard. “I knew you liked him!” Hayley shouted as the other squealed their heads off.


That evening, CeCe was getting ready for the Ball. She wore a long, pink, strapless dress with a sequin bodice and nude patent heels. Her hair was curled a little and pulled back into a half-up-half-down. Adella, who was hogging the mirror, was wearing a cherry red, beaded, strapless dress with a red-netted overskirt and sparkly silver t-strap sandals. Her mid length black hair was pulled back into a bun, which sat on the back of her head.

        After they got ready, CeCe and Adella went outside to see Albus and James were waiting to escort them to the ball. “Which one of you am I taking I’ve forgotten.” James smirked taking Adella’s hand. Albus, on the other hand, was lost for words. He didn’t know what to say. “You look nice.” CeCe complimented gesturing to Albus’ dress robes. “Oh, thanks,” Albus said, “They were my dad’s.”

“Always get stuff from ‘daddy’, don’t you Albus,” James interrupted as he and Adella started walking to the Great Hall. CeCe and Albus started following them and when they reached the Great Hall, Professor McGonagall told them to stand in on the stair that lead to the Ball and wait for her to tell them to come in.

“I’m happy I asked you,” Albus said to CeCe “It was you or I had to asked Rose or my sister. That would be weird.”

“Whose your sister?” CeCe asked curiously.

“Lily,” Albus said “She’s in her third year with Hugo, Rose’s brother.” CeCe smiled as Professor McGonagall told them to come in.

        The Great Hall looked different to what it did for meals. It had a huge Christmas tree at the back of it and from the enchanted ceiling, snow fell. All of the tables with food and drink on them were dressing in white and silver tablecloths.

        Once the champions and their partners had gotten into position, an enchanted orchestra started playing. As CeCe and Albus started to waltz across the floor, she saw Aleksandar had asked Georgina Kennedy, a Shanklin Witch seventh year, to the ball. When she looked back and Albus she couldn’t help but look into his ghostly blue eyes.

        After a few minutes of dancing, the rest of the attendees joined in. CeCe saw Louise glide along with her partner who Albus told her was Scorpius Malfoy. Aria was dancing slowly with her partner who looked to be a Durmstrang student.

        A few hours past and CeCe was sitting down for a bit, drinking a goblet of fruit punch. Then Adella walked over “Are you having fun?” CeCe asked.

“A little,” Adella said, “Rosie and Albus are right. James is a flirt.” “It that good or bad?” CeCe questioned, but then James came over and took Adella off into the courtyard.

        Then Rose came over “How’s your night been?” she asked.

“Amazing.” CeCe sighed, “Who did you come with?” Rose pointed over to where a boy with turned yellow with happiness. “That’s Teddy Lupin,” Rose smiled “He’s a metamorfagus.” CeCe giggled because Louise was a metamorfagus too.

        Once the ball was over, Albus escorted CeCe back to the Shanklin campsite. “Thank you,” CeCe said “For walking me back and asking me to come with you.”

“It’s OK,” Albus said nervously. As CeCe was about to go into the fourth year tent “CeCe! Wait!” Albus called. CeCe turned back and when she did Albus pressed his lips against hers. CeCe felt like she had died and gone to heaven. After they pulled away CeCe went inside the tent as Albus walked back to the castle.

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