It's always been her.

Justin and Aubrey have been friends since the first year of high school but never really been more than friends. Although they did share that one kiss at they're school dance just before he left to go to Atlanta and be who he is today. Justin Bieber. Do they become a thing? Who knows read and find out:)


10. You are my princess.


"I-its your birthday?" He asked. I nodded. "Happy birthday, and sorry i was too drunk to realise last night"he said apologetically.

"Too drunk? yeah right, you were sober enough to strip me naked, but thankfully you didnt fuck me" I said walking away until i heard a thump. Justin had punched him. Ouch.

I dragged Justin away. "He's not worth it"

"He used you"

"Yeah and you left and forgot about me so i guess your both the same in some way" I said grumpily. Shoot that wasn't supposed to come out.

"Bree..., look I would explain but i cant so what i was saying until that trash was caught red-handed... follow me i need to show you something..." He said leading me off the beach. Just us two.  Had he forgotten about Jacque?

*end of recap*


*Aubrey's point of view*

Its been 15 minutes since Justin got me into the car a drove away from the beach. What is he up to? Did he forget about leaving his girlfriend stranded, well not really stranded because she has the others... omg the others I didn't tell them we left damn!

Justin obviously realising that I was panicking and snapped me out of my thoughts.

"The others know that I have brought you with me" he side glanced me.

"and Jacque?" I asked

"well... err, kind of" he said hesitantly.

"Where are you taking me" I said switching topics.

"surprise" he said smirking. wow he is so hot. damn stop!

"you know I-"

"hate surprises but... you love them deep down inside trust me" he winked. He winked at me oh my god!

Its true I do love surprises deep down but I like to put people under pressure on if the place they are taking me is good enough. Smart I know.

"were nearly here so put this blindfold on, and don't moan about smudging your eye make up because I couldn't care whether or not it is smudged, your perfect without it and with it" he said leaning over grabbing the black blindfold and put it in my lap.

I didn't really want to carry on the conversation because I was still mad at him for forgetting my birthday, so I put it on without any sighs.



"Okay were here" Justin said as i heard him turn off the ignition and get out off the car.

I heard my door open and Justin lean over to take my seatbelt off for me. He took my hand and lead me out of the car and me being clumsy fell into him, i decided to laugh it off so it wasn't too awkward.

"Falling for me now are we?" Even though i couldn't see him i could tell he was smirking.

"Ha ha. Now lead me to the mystery place moron" i said crossing my arms out of his grip.

"fine fine" I could also tell he lifted his arms up in defence.

"Thank you" I said holding out my hand for him to pull me along.

After about 10 minutes of walking... well 5 we started going down a little hill stepping off the soft grass on to the hard concrete. Where were we?


"can i take my blindfold off?"


I sighed and continued to follow, realising im still in my bikini. "Justin, I only have my bikini on have you by any chance got any spare clothes"

"No, but i will give you my tee so you don't feel uncomfortable" he said.


"Arms up"

I lifted my arms up and he placed the top over me and it fell just under my hips. I wasn't one of those skinny size 8 girls i was size 10 or 12 and i didn't really care i was comfortable with my body.

I could here him moving stuff around and then come back up to me and place his hands on my shoulders.

"Now before you see anything, i want you to know that i am sorry, i admit it i forgot the day and that it was your birthday and i really do mean that i am sorry. I know its the worst thing ever that i forgot your birthday and that as your best friend it is said that we must remember each others birthdays and baby i swear if i could take back time, i would i feel like the worst person in the world and i know this breaks your heart because remember that time we were 8 and you forgot my birthday? I know you had a little grudge on me at that age considering we were so close but i always tripped you up or pushed you over yet you didn't even know it was birthday, i cried, i cried for a whole week! Call me stupid or weak or babyish but i actually cried because someone who meant the most to me didn't care about me at all, but then you came to my house and helped my mum make cookies for me and stayed outside my bedroom door until i opened up mainly because the smell of cookies came through but i didn't want to see you because i thought you were just going to laugh at me but you hugged me and made me feel safe and loved. I guess what im trying to say is no matter if i forgot your birthday or not, i still love you more than anything or anyone, well and my mum of course but please Bree, understand I am so sorry and i don't mean to hurt you, I didn't mean to hurt you, I wont even blame it on the fact i'm busy because even though im busy i should remember and i know that but im sorry, and i hope you forgive me because you mean so much to me... Happy birthday babygirl" and with that he took off my wet blindfold full off tears and revealed the beautiful place he had set up for me.

"Ju-Justin" i said with my hand over my mouth.

"You don't like it?" He asked and looked at me in the eyes that's when i realised they were red and puffy from crying. He was crying?

"No. I love it, but but why are you crying?" I said.

"I am just really really sorry" He said letting another tear slip.

"Don't be, I forgive you but i want you to know that it did hurt that you forgot but I do forgive you, i shouldn't have forgotten your birthday when we were 8 hey!" I said letting out a little muffled laugh.

"this is why i love you so much! You are so forgivable and too nice most of the time!" he said smiling. "But please shout at me or something i deserve that atleast"

"you inconsiderate most amazingly amazing best friend ever i hate you" I replied jokingly.

"Thank you" He said holding my cheeks. "Now stop crying" he laughed.

He wiped away my tears and i turned to look around the room. wow. Its beautiful. I has fairy lights and pillows and cushions a tray with 2 boxes of pizza's and cookies and chocolate covered strawberries and a pile off wood with matchsticks beside it. Its perfect.

"Come on sit down and open your presents" he said smiling.


"Yeah, i got these ages ago i brought them with me because i knew it was your birthday before we came and well i just forgot the days whilst we have been here" he said with the apologetic look in his eyes.

"well then lets!" i said cheerfully.


After opening the presents i was in so much shock, wow these gifts were amazing.

(gifts: and )

"Justin these are amazing" ii said grabbing him into a bear hug.

"All for my princess" he smothered my back.

"I love them thank you"

"And i love you" The way he said this almost sounded as if he meant it, well of course he meant it but not in the way i wanted. I wanted him to mean it as if i were the only person he has ever loved apart from his mum. Honestly because that's how im starting to love him. More than anything or anyone. I know i shouldn't but he just blows my mind away every time i look at him, he is just everything anyone could ever wish for.

"I mean that" he said and kissed my nose.

The rest of the night insisted of eating laughing and cuddling. Best. Birthday. Ever.


*So sorry i haven't updated in a while! Ive been so caught up in my school work. I promise to update every weekend hope you liked it*


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