It's always been her.

Justin and Aubrey have been friends since the first year of high school but never really been more than friends. Although they did share that one kiss at they're school dance just before he left to go to Atlanta and be who he is today. Justin Bieber. Do they become a thing? Who knows read and find out:)


5. Thanks Justin, Thanks a bunch.


"What the fuck justin? You're going to let her go? Let her off the hook? You know what I'm not even going to waste my time eating with people like you, who claim to be someone's best friend yet go against the meaning of it. Do you know the meaning of a best friend justin?  Do you?  I guess not otherwise you wouldn't be sat there looking like a lost puppy (a cute sexy lost puppy i was thinking in my mind) practically letting you're so called girlfriend talk shit about me, and one of your team members? What the hell? And you even confirm to me that im a bitch, you dont even realize do you?" I said getting out of my seat getting ready to leave as well as Sammie. 

"It's not like I didn't tell her too stop?"

"Oh, well thats fine then, I totally forgive you... NOT" I said walking away with Sammie beside me. 

"You are in deep shit man" I overheard Chaz comment whilst we were walking.

*end of recap*


*Justin's Point of view*

The next morning.

I woke up with a slight headache and my arms were wrapped around Au-no wait this isn't Aubrey? who was i with? 

"Morning Justyyyy" She spoke.

"uh,oh morning sweety" i said a little taken back but covered it up with a slight kiss on her forehead.

"Whens breakfast?"

How should i know when breakfast is im lying in bed with you right now!? Gosh she gets me so agitated but i don't know why, normally when i wake up i have a huge smile on my face only because well i am cuddled up to Aubrey. Whilst in thought about Aubrey I realized what she said last night and how angry she got but to be honest i don't understand why. 

"Justyyy baby listen to me!" i heard Jacque squirming at the side of me. 

"uh yes sorry what?"

" i knew you weren't listening to me, now what i was saying was, I want you to talk to Aubrey and tell her why she should leave me alone and you of course because since she's been with us she's been tearing us apart" She said pouting. Her pout wasn't as cute as Aubrey's though. WAIT what what am i thinking? 

"babe, Bree's not getting in the way of us, we just haven't had enough time" i replied.

"EXACTLY because you have been with her"

That's when i realized, i have, i have spent most of my time with Aubrey whenever we are together and i completely block out Jacque, but she's my best friend Jacque has to understand she's only my best friend, nothing more nothing less.

"Babe, she's my best friend nothing more nothing less" I assured her. 

"Okay, but promise you will spend more time with me right?" she pouted. 


"stay away from her aswell"

"babe i ca-"


"fine" he said. "I promise". 

"Good boy, now lets see whether someone started on breakfast"


*Aubrey's point of view*

I woke up with a slight frown on my face, my bed was empty, just me inside of it. So basically it was empty. 

I groaned as i sat up and put my slippers on and made my way towards the door to go get breakfast. 

On my way i passed Justin's room and over heard talking. Of course he replaced me with her, thanks Justin. Whilst i was listening to the chatter... I heard something that caught my attention. 

"Babe she's my best friend nothing more nothing less"

"Okay but promise you will spend more time with me right?" I heard the bitch plead. 


"stay away from her as well"

Wait what!?

"Babe i ca-" he started to reply but cut off.


"fine" he said "i promise" 

WHAT HE PROMISED TO STAY AWAY FROM ME!? Okay so the first bit hurt, but the last bit wow, i didn't know i was that bad.

That's when I had realized i had tears at the corner of my eyes and made my way to the kitchen to be welcomed with the satisfying smell of bacon. mmm.

"Morning" Sammie chirped. 

"Morning" i said not as chirpy. 

"You alright?"


I  know i hadn't quite convinced her but i'm not in the mood to explain right now, im practically on the verge of tears after hearing their conversation. Talking of the devil. 

"Morning guys, something smells nice" she said with her way to high voice for my liking.

"something smells nice" i mocked but of course only Chaz and Sammie heard and laughed, wait when did Chaz get here?

"what's funny?" Jacque asked sitting in front of me on the island table.

"nothing" all three of us replied snickering. 


Shortly after Justin walked in making eye contact with me and quickly looking away. 

"morning guys" he said walking straight towards Jacque kissing her cheek. 

She giggled and pulled him down to kiss his lips, was it just me or did he seem uncomfortable? Must just be me. 


Later on we were all at the beach and everyone was in the water whilst i was sunbathing. What? I wanted to sunbathe? FINE, fine, i just didn't want to interrupt everyone else's fun, especially Justin's because he seems way happier without me there.He hasn't even spoken to me or made eye contact with me all day and it's nearly 5pm. 

"oi, lazy ass boring bitch get your but out of that beach wear and come and join us over here!" Sammie shouted, annoyed at the fact i wasn't joining in. 

Everyone else apart from justin and Jacque joined in.

"yeah, come over here lazy"

"i want to sun bathe!" i shouted back.

"lies, your dying to get a bit of this water on your skin!!" she shouted back trying to be all seductive by putting the water all over her body, even her boobs.

"oooooo gurlllll you do your thang" Chaz tried saying in a girly tone. 

"omg please stop im coming!" i shouted embarrassed at what she's doing, this obviously caused many other boys attention. 

"well hurry up then" she said letting her arms dangle by her sides.

(I wore this bikini and the beach wear on top )

I started to take of my top layers and walked towards the seashore hearing a few whistles from boys close by. This made me blush a lot. You see i'm very insecure about my body, im no size 8 victoria secret model girl, i'm curvy but still have a a bit of fat. I'm no where near skinny, and that makes me very insecure. 

Once i reached the water and my feet were dipped into the shallow end, i looked up to see all boys apart from Justin staring at me in shock, even Sammie and Jacque. 

"DAMN GURL YOU GOT A BODY" i heard za exclaim making me glare at him. 

"Bree!! If i were lesbian i surely wouldn't be able to control myself right now!" Sammie shouted.

I chuckled at her remark. "Shut up" i said playfully. 

I managed to look into Justin's and Jacque's direction to see her eyes were full of jealousy and hatred but still glared at me. I shot her an evil look. 

Justin finally turned around as i was walking more in the water but stopping before it hits just above my shins. Did i tell you im afraid of the sea? Well i am, i hate it, something about it just screams 'SHARKS'. I hate it. 

As soon as we made eye contact i looked down towards my feet which i had a clear view of as the water is beautiful. I could feel my cheeks flush a bright red as his mouth dropped open and of course Ryan has to make a joke to embarrass me even more.

"Justin you having fun catching flies there mate?" everyone laughed obviously apart from me and Justin and of course Jacque. 

I carried on walking into the water getting as deep as the others trying to not show my fear, and an awkward silence had came upon us and obviously with me being a wimp and feeling a stone hit my foot thinking it was a shark or some other sort of sea creature that could harm me i screamed and flapped my arms and legs and fell under the water. 

Suddenly i felt big arms wrap around my waist and brought me back to the top with a concerned but mischievous grin curling up on the edge of his lips. 

"I was wondering when that was going to happen, i know your afraid of the sea, otherwise i would of dragged you over here myself, you see i through the rock because i knew you would freak and think it's a shark or any other harmful sea creature" he said with a smirk. 

I glared at him "or the other reason you didn't come and get me because your so called girlfriend told you to stay away from me" His smile slowly turned to a guilty look. "I'm not stupid Justin, i overheard your little conversation, and wow you make me feel so special. I'm sorry I haven't seen you in months and i want to spend some time with my best friend and i don't seem to be sharing you right now but maybe it's because i missed you? You obviously don't miss me. Thanks Justin, Thanks a bunch" I said getting out of his grip walking towards shore collecting my towel.    


--A/N, hey guys hope you enjoyed it. Comment for more if you wish--

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