It's always been her.

Justin and Aubrey have been friends since the first year of high school but never really been more than friends. Although they did share that one kiss at they're school dance just before he left to go to Atlanta and be who he is today. Justin Bieber. Do they become a thing? Who knows read and find out:)


3. mistake.




After staring into each other eyes for about 10 minutes they both started to lean in and as their lips reached they had the most passionate kiss ever, filled with love and lust. She grabbed the back of his neck and he grabbed her cheeks tenderly pulling her closer, making the kiss deeper. 

As they both pulled out both of their faces erupted into big smiles. 

"you have no idea how long i have wanted to do that" he stated.

"Me too" she replied smiling wider than ever.


*Aubrey's point of view*

I woke up surrounded by a tight grasp. Not realising who it was, or what was holding me around the waste i tried to get out of the covers but i struggled as the person who was holding me just grabbed tighter. 

looked around to see that its was Justin who was holding me, Justin.

"Morning beautiful" he whispered against my neck which of course gave me goosebumps. 

"h-morning"i managed to choke out once i realised were in spooning position half naked, thats when i started to panic, of course we've always cuddled in bed before but just not half naked. 

"ermm, how did i get here?" 

"well, since you were out of it last night, i didn't want anything to happen to you so i just brought  you up to my room instead" 

"wheres my clothes?" i asked

"you made me take them off you and put pyjamas on you, is that alright?" 

"yeah but how am i in my bra and underwear now?" 

"you must of taken them off half way through the night... you dont remember a thing do you?" he said quirking his eyebrow at me.

"no not really" i said looking over my shoulder. 

"i didn't do anything stupid did i!?" 

"well apart from nearly snog of a boys entire face but instead puke on him, and grinding with an old man, nothing realllly stupid..." he said sarcastically. 

 "wait was the boy cute" 

"i dont know, im a boy" 

"well he must of been if i was going to kiss him, but instead puked, oh my god i puked on him, what did he say, did he run of?" 

Justin laughed... "he, looked like he was about to puke himself but you were too busy laughing on the floor to realise he puked on someone aswell" 

"oh my goodness" 

"i of course decided that was he point to bring you back"

"oh thank god i have you" 

"yeahh, do you remember anything that happened when were back here... alone?" Justin said. 

"ermm, no not really, why did anything happen?" 

"no,no, nothing" justin said now looking sad. 

"oh ok-" i was interrupted by a high pitched voice.

"Justin... where are you justin.... forgod sake... hey Aubrey have you seen-" Jacque said whilst opening the door.

"Justin, why are you in hear half naked with another girl!?" she practically screamed.

"Jac, nothing happened okay, i was just sleeping in the same bed, nothing happened, we do it all the time" he replied. 

"WHAT, this isn't the first time!?" 

At this point Aubrey was still trying to think of what happened last night. 

Then it clicked....  she kissed him. She kissed Justin and it felt more amazing then anything ever before. 

"No-, well no, it doesn't matter anywaY"

"we need to talk now!" she said storming off. 

"wow, im in trouble" he said chuckling. 

"oh and Justin-" Jacque trailed of but not being heard as i had already began to speak.

"i -i remember what - what else, h-happened last night"


At this point Jacque decided to listen.

"we - we kissed didn't we?" 

Jacque let out a loud gasp. i and Justin both turned their heads towards the door shocked. 

"you... you" Jacque trailed off.

"no, Jacque it's not what it sounds like, it was a stupid kiss, which didn't mean anything, we were drunk, really drunk, i don't even want her, Jacque..." Justin responded by getting up out of bed leaving me alone gobsmacked to whats happening and rather upset but i don't know why. 

The couple left the room, Aubrey sat up with tears down my face as i realised i have fallen for my best friend. NO not Chaz, Justin. i have fallen for Justin, and he just assured me it meant nothing at all and it was because he was drunk. Now that stung my heart A lot. 

Thats when i decided to have a day for myself only and leave the others to do their own thing as i hasn't a clue on what to say when she confronts them all, as they probably heard the argument due to Jacque hight pitched nasal voice. And to think my holiday was going to be drama free. 

Obviously not. 


*A/N- sorry it took ages to upload i broke my laptop and had no back up sorry!*

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