It's always been her.

Justin and Aubrey have been friends since the first year of high school but never really been more than friends. Although they did share that one kiss at they're school dance just before he left to go to Atlanta and be who he is today. Justin Bieber. Do they become a thing? Who knows read and find out:)


4. Fallen for my bestfriend?




The couple left the room, Aubrey sat up with tears down my face as i realised i have fallen for my best friend. NO not Chaz, Justin. i have fallen for Justin, and he just assured me it meant nothing at all and it was because he was drunk. Now that stung my heart A lot. 

Thats when i decided to have a day for myself only and leave the others to do their own thing as i hasn't a clue on what to say when she confronts them all, as they probably heard the argument due to Jacque hight pitched nasal voice. And to think my holiday was going to be drama free. 

Obviously not.

*end of recap*


*Aubrey's point of view*

Later on that night we all planned to go out for a meal, I of course hadn't eaten all day because i was hurt and i just didn't want to move, i didn't even go shopping. I guess i'd be lying if i said that i didn't fall for Justin because the truth is i have and it some how doesn't seem surprising, it feels like i've known all along, maybe I have been in love with him all along i just haven't realized? pftt... yeah right, he's my BESTFRIEND not BOYFRIEND jheez, well i wish he was, wait what am i thinking!? no i don't! Just friends. Just friends.

I hadn't realized another presence in the room until i sighed really loudly. 

"what are you sighing about?"

I looked up to the mystery person, who seems to be Ryan. Yeah, I'm really close to Ryan and Chaz, they know what im feeling before i even know. They are basically my brothers, i love them.

"sheesh ry, couldn't of been more sly aye?" i said trying to change the subject.

"answer the question moron" he said walking towards the bed. 

"I'm pretty sure you already know... and if you do then you're right, both you and Chaz. I do love him, i think, no i like him not in love with him" I said trying to get my own head around the fact I just merely admitted im in love with him.

"WE KNEW IT! what are you going to do? You can't tell him, him and Jacque are together still, 

you'll have to wait till they are over"


"How are you so sure they will breakup, they are a pretty strong couple if you ask me, and are you crazy!? I can't tell him! He'll think im on crack, he'll laugh in my face! HE DOESN'T LIKE ME LIKE THAT HOW COULD I POSSIBLY TELL HIM!?" i half shouted and whispered. 


"well i didn't ask you?" He smirked. "And how can YOU be so sure he doesn't like you!? He doesn't even like Jacque i thought you were his best friend how could you not see in his eyes that he's not slightly interested in her, he's just trying to hide away his feelings for you? Don't you get it? No of course you don't because your a girl and your stubborn"

"HEY IM NOT STUBBORN" i said crossing my arms. 

"are too"








"whats happening why are you yelling 'are' and 'not' for?" Justin says walking through the door? 

"Justinnnnnn Ry said im stubborn!"

"Thats because you aree!!!!" 



"STOOOPPPPPPP, seriously jesus guys!" Justin shouted.

"He started it"

"well im finishing it"

"wow man, you sound old" Ryan commented.

"yeah and you sound like a 5 year old" Justin retaliated.

"better than being old"

"oh shut up" he crossed his arms over his chest. 

"yeah ryan shut up" i stuck my tongue out at him.

He stuck his out to me. This made me giggle at how stupid he was being. 

"Be ready for 8, thats when were leaving for the limo, so when you are both dont acting like 5 year olds get ready" justin said eyeing us both.

"mm sure, now you can both leave so i can get ready"

"Okay Miss Stubborn," Ryan winked

"shut up" i said crossing my arms.

They both left and I had a big decision to make. What do I wear?

I decided on this...

(sorry its a link if you want a straight up picture just ask)

I wanted to go simple but elegant since it was obviously a posh restaurant we were going too. 

 Im not the richest of people but since my grandparents died they always kept a fund in their bank for me for when i turned 18, it wasn't much but it was enough for my age. 

Time had flown by and it was 10 to 8 and of course i was the last person to be ready... 

"Bree, are you re-" Ryan cut himself short just as he opened my door.

"I'll take that as a yes then shall i?" he said with his mouth wide open.

"Oh shut up and let's go..." i said managing to hide my blush. Yeah I class him as my brother but i still blush whenever someone specially a boy compliments me. 

"fine, pretty lady" he smirked. 

We started walking towards the stair case when he decides to shout something that clearly got me  looking like a tomato. 

"WATCH OUT BOYS HOTTIE NUMBER 1 COMING DOWN THE STAIRS IN 5 4 3-" he got cut off by me elbowing him in the ribs. 

"Shut up loser!"I now clearly embarrassed had no intention of stepping down them stairs. 

"ouch, now come on you can't stand there all day...  well night now actually" he said dragging me behind him. 

Once i was at the very top of the stairs i felt everyones eyes turn towards me.

Yep, I'm officially a tomato, i was thinking inside my brain not out loud because that would make me even more embarrassed anyway whatever.

I looked up as soon as i made that action Justin's eyes also met mine.

"Wow, y-you look... wow" he stuttered. Why was he stuttering? Was he nervous? He couldn't be. Could he?

"umm... Thanks i guess.."i said trying to look everywhere but his eyes. His beautiful oh so beautiful brown hazel eyes that glistened into mine, and damn how much i wanted to kiss them beautiful pink lips. Wait what am i saying? Jesus, quit it Aubrey!

"r-ready to um-go?" he asked. 

"yeah i-am"i replied going to hold onto the arm he is handing out to me but instead the nasal voiced b*tch steps in front of course.

"C'mon Justyyyyyy lets goo wooo" she practically screams, it wouldn't have been so bad but no, her voice went straight through me sending chills down my spine... and not good chills either. 

"er, yeah yeah lets go" he said sending me an apologetic look, i smiled back, and i grab on to Ryan and Chaz' arm and head towards the door. 


Once we were at the restaurant and seated which was by the way posh as i expected, we all ordered, I ordered the mini pepperoni pizza with fries and the rest ordered spaghetti or steak apart from the nasal voice sounding brat who ordered a 'salad' because she was with her 'justy'. 


"Are you okay?" Ryan asked looking at me weirdly only realizing i was scowling over the table. 

I turned my scowl to an innocent smile in the matter of seconds. 

"mmhmm" i replied. 

"oookayy" he said not 100% believing me. 

Tonight wasn't going to be a calm night for me, i obviously wanted to create a little heat. I am Aubrey after all i never let things slide. 

"So, tell me again Jac why did you order a salad? Not an actual meal?" I asked trying to sound polite but obviously not working as Justin, im thinking it was him anyway as he sent me a look aswell kicked me under the table. 

"It is a meal, its just a healthier meal which helps me keep in shape, maybe you should try it?" she replied with a smug look on her face. 

"Well, people like you who obviously need help keeping in shape are the only ones who eat salads so i guess you are the only one considering most lingerie models eat fatty foods yet they stay in good shape and not being big headed i don't see myself as an obese person, so when i do become obese, that is when i will be asking for your suggestions... thank you very much" i said taking a sip of my mountain dew. Did i mention i love mountain dew? No? Well i love mountain dew!!

She just scowled at me after closing her mouth that seemed to be open from my remark for atleast 5 minutes whilst the rest of the boys and Sammie who had recently joined us for this vacation were   trying to contain their laughter. 

"what ever" she said.

"what ever" i mimicked her in her nasal high pitched voice. 

"I don't talk like that!"

"Yes you do" the whole table replied at the same time, which made us give over confused looks as to how we all said it at the sam time, apart from Justin was was just sitting their looking slightly uncomfortable. So i decided to throw a piece of bread that was set at the table at him. Justin was sat opposite me and ryan and Chaz were the either side of me with Za and Sammie on the edge facing each other. 

"cheer up mate, your 'girlfriend' will soon hit puberty and hopefully gain a manlier voice considering she is a man right? No.. my bad...." i said smirking down at the table. 

"Listen here you little bitch, i didn't come her for you to insult me every 5 seconds so i suggest you shut your mouth before i do it for you!" she screamed in my face. 

"Oh yeah and how you gonna do that slut?" 

"Bree...don't call her that"

"She called me a bitch? and what she gets off the hook? yeah right," i said scoffing, shaking my head at him. 

"Yeah well if you didn't start the conversation then maybe you wouldn't off been told what you are!?"he merely shouted back. 

A little taken back that he shouted at me and the fact he just admitted i was a bitch, i searched his eyes for truth, did he really mean it? 

"oh-w--well if -i, if im such a bitch then- why -why are you -best friends with me?" he i replied with my eyes filling with tears once i found nothing but seriousness in his eyes. 

"Bree, you know i didnt mean it like that.. i just managed to say it in that way" he said but not convincing me that he's really sorry. 

"Justyyy you don't need to pretend we all know that she is a bitch, it's nothing new to her big ears" Jacque said twirling her hair. 

"the fuck you just say?" Sammie asked raising her brow from the side of me and Chaz. 

"You heard me dog"

"Babe, don't"

"what the fuck justin? Your going to let her go? Let her off the hook? You know what i'm not even going to waste my time eating with people like you, who claim to be someones best friend yet go against the meaning of it. Do you know the meaning of a best friend justin?  Do you?  I guess not otherwise you wouldn't be sat there looking like a lost puppy (a cute sexy lost puppy i was thinking in my mind) practically letting your so called girlfriend talk shit about me, and one of your team members? What the hell? and you even confirm to me that im a bitch, you dont even realize do you?" I said getting out of my seat getting ready to leave aswell as Sammie. 

"It's not like i didnt tell her too stop?"

"Oh, well thats fine then, i totally forgive you... NOT" I said walking away with Sammie beside me. 

"You are in deep shit man" i overheard Chaz comment whilst we were walking. 




--Okay so I will be uploading like every weekend because of school and I have cheerleading however on a free night in the week if i manage to have one i may consider uploading... but you guys need to let me know if you are still reading because i don't want to be righting to myself, aha, so yeah...  btw I'm british so if you are American or what not then sorry if you don't understand some phrases i put!--



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