One Night At Music Camp... (Being Continued on Wattpad)

"Let me get this straight here Luke.. you got MY girlfriend pregnant last summer at music camp?!" "Yes! But it was never meant to happen I swear!" "Oh so you didn't mean to have sex with MY girlfriend?!" "Ashton please stop yelling! It's not going to fix anything!" "Nothing can be fixed Luke! The love of my life is pregnant with YOUR baby! Things will NEVER be the same!" "I'm sorry Ashton!" "You should've apologized last summer when you were sleeping with my girlfriend!" I walked away running my fingers through my hair, I couldn't believe this was happening. *My 1st 5SOS fan fic! Hope you enjoy it :)* Copyright © 2013


6. Chapter 5


I sat there on the examination table practically cutting off the circulation in Luke's hand as the nurse took my blood. I absolutely hated needles, always have always will. The nurse put a bandage on the area, "I'll be right back." She said before she walked out. I let go of Luke's hand and just stared at the wall in front of me. 'Please be negative, please be negative!' I couldn't have a baby seventeen! It just wasn't done! Well at least not to me. "Whatever happens, whatever the result... I'm going to support you in every way possible." Luke's calm voice knocked me out of my trance. I looked at him and blinked, "I know. I appreciate that." He gave me a small smile. 'Maybe he really did care about, maybe getting me (almost?) pregnant really was an accident. Maybe he didn't take advantage of me. I mean he was here with me, he told me multiple times that he was here for me... no Julie! You're going out with Ashton tonight. Luke is just the father of your baby.' The nurse came back a few minutes later with the result, "Congratulations you're parents!" She said like it was a good thing. Did she realize that I was seventeen years old? "Julie we're not really specialized in this kind of situation so I recommend you see a different doctor when you for your next checkup all right?" I nodded, "Thank you." I started to walk out before she stopped me, "Could I ask you something first?" Luke gave a look wondering if he should stay or not. I gestured for him to go. "I'll see you outside" He said before shutting the door. "Have you told your mum yet?" I bit my lip and shook my head, "No. I haven't. I'm-" "You're scared. I can tell, but you need to understand that you can't go through something like this without her." "What if she throws me out or something? What then?" "Julie honey don't think like that. But you can't keep hiding something like this from her." I nodded, "Yeah I know. I'm going to work on telling her soon." "Good, have a good afternoon." "Thank you" I said before opening the door and walking back to waiting room. Amy and Grace were gone but Luke was still there. "You all right?" He asked instantly coming up to me, "What did she say?" "Luke it was nothing about the baby specifically. Just if I had told my mum yet." "You really should tell her you know." "You're the fourth person to tell me that." "Do you want to go home?" "Yeah. That would great." We drove home in silence, Luke didn't even turn the radio on. I guess we were both still in shock. I was having a baby! An actual baby at seventeen. This couldn't be happening! Luke eventually pulled up in front my house, "Thanks Luke. I'll see you at school." I took my bag off the floor and shut the car door. I walked in through our kitchen door where my mum was busy cooking dinner. "Hey sweetie! How was your first day? Did you stay late for choir practice?" "Yeah I did, it's really enjoyable." I set my bag down on the table. "Everything all right?" She asked looking concerned. 'Tell her Julie, just tell her.' "Everything is fine mum, I just wanted to tell you that I'm not going to be here for dinner." "Oh? Why is that?" "I have a-" "You have a date?" I nodded, blushing. "That's great! I can't wait to meet him! What's his name?" "Ashton." "As in Kutcher?" She joked. "No mum as in Irwin." "Oh. Well he sounds nice." "He is." "Well I look forward to meeting him. Do you think you'd want to eat here? So he can meet your father and sister?" I shook my head, "No mum. Not tonight, I think I'd to wait and see if it works out before I go inviting him over here." "Oh come on you just think I'm going to embarrass you!" "Mum you know that's not the case." "You're right that's your father's job." I rolled my eyes, "All right mum, I'm going to go get ready." I said taking my bag and going upstairs. I picked out a cute maroon dress with black flats. Casual yet cute, perfect. I didn't do much to my hair but clip it off on the right side. I touched up my makeup a little before adding a tiny bit of lip gloss to my thin lips. "Julie! Your date is here!" I heard my mum call from downstairs. I rolled my eyes, 'Was this ever going to end?' I took one last look in the mirror before going downstairs where Ashton was standing by the front door with a huge grin on his phone while my mum held a camera. "Hey Julie" Ashton said still grinning. "Hey, I see you've met my mum.." "Yeah she's really sweet." My mum put her hand over her heart like she was touched, "Oh thank you that's very kind of you!" I shot her a glare, "Stop it!" I mouthed. She just shrugged, "You kids have a good time." "Thanks we will" I said dragging Ashton out the door. "We didn't have to go so soon, I really like your mum." "Yeah I'm sorry she just likes to talk." "That's all right, my mum is like that too." He opened my car door me and then went around to his side. "So I was thinking instead of the movie, there's carnival in town and I thought we could go there. If you want to, we can still go to the movie." "No the carnival sounds great!" I said smiling. "Great!" He pulled out of my driveway and headed down the road.

*A/N Hey SO sorry for the late update, I've just been out of ideas lately. And I also apologize for the shortness of this chapter :P I hope you will still read the story and give it your love :)) Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx PS: I am continuing I Can Explain...?  so go and read that if you were reading it before!*

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