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"Let me get this straight here Luke.. you got MY girlfriend pregnant last summer at music camp?!" "Yes! But it was never meant to happen I swear!" "Oh so you didn't mean to have sex with MY girlfriend?!" "Ashton please stop yelling! It's not going to fix anything!" "Nothing can be fixed Luke! The love of my life is pregnant with YOUR baby! Things will NEVER be the same!" "I'm sorry Ashton!" "You should've apologized last summer when you were sleeping with my girlfriend!" I walked away running my fingers through my hair, I couldn't believe this was happening. *My 1st 5SOS fan fic! Hope you enjoy it :)* Copyright © 2013


5. Chapter 4


"Yeah I'll see you later mate" I said to Michael as I walked to my locker. As I approached it I saw Luke with his arms around a girl with shiny black hair. She looked oddly familiar, even from the back. "Everything will be fine." Luke told her. 'What was going on?' "Hey what's going on here?" They immediately pulled away, "Oh hey Ashton... what's up?" "I'd like to ask you that same question Luke. Hey Julie." "Hey Ashton... how's your first day been?" She asked with a smile, she had the most beautiful smile. "It's been pretty good, want me to walk to you class?" "Sure, I'll see you later Luke." Julie and I started walking, "So what class do you have now?" She took her schedule out her pocket, "Um... I've got Chemistry." "Oh me too!" "Cool, we've got a class together." She smiled at me again. I felt myself go weak at the knees, she was so beautiful. "You all right?" She asked with a slight chuckle. "Oh I'm fine. Hey do you think you'd want to go a movie or something tonight?" "Tonight?" She repeated. "Yeah. Unless you have other plans then I completely understand!" "No, no. I'd love to." "Really?" "Yeah, I think it'd be really fun." "Great! So I'll pick you up at 8?" "Yeah, here's my number" She said taking my hand and a Sharpie, "Text me when you get home and I'll give you my address." "Sounds good." 'She just my hand and wrote her number on it! Calm down Ashton, you don't want to look like a fan girl'. "Ashton?" She snapped me out of my trance. "Yeah?" "You want to sit down?" Suddenly I was in classroom. "Yeah sorry, I completely spaced out." I chuckled as I sat down. "That's all right, I do that all the time. So what movie were you thinking of seeing tonight?" "I was thinking the new One Direction movie. Teenage girls seem to love it." She giggled, "Yeah that sounds about right, I'd love to see that. As long as I'm spending time with you." 'Oh my gosh did she just say that? Seriously I've got to stop spending so much time with Calum!' All I could do was grin, I think I had finally found the girl for me.


'As we're spending time with you? Seriously Julie? Way to sound desperate! Look he's grinning stupidly at you because you screwed up your words. Great! Now he probably thinks you're a desperate loser. Stupid, stupid, stupid!' I scolded myself mentally before grinning back at Ashton before the teacher came in and introduced herself. Thank goodness for the distraction! Hopefully our date wouldn't be a huge ball of awkwardness. 'Wait a second! I can't go out with Ashton! I'm having Luke's baby!' I honestly wanted to run out of the room and scream but I held myself together. I didn't want to start drama with Ashton too. 'Crap! I have to go to doctor after school with Amy and Grace... but I should be home before eight right? But would I have time to get ready? I had already said yes... I couldn't let Ashton down. And I couldn't tell him the truth, if I told him I had to do homework or go to the doctor he would think I wasn't interested. And I was so interested. But at the same time I couldn't hold off on going to the doctor. I was pregnant after all! I couldn't believe I was actually using the word 'pregnant' in sentence in a way that applied to me! Take a deep breath Julie, everything will be fine. What am I saying? I'm screwed.' The bell rang minutes later, signaling the end of class and thankfully the end of the day. "I'll see you tonight Julie" Ashton said before kissing my cheek and walking off. I stood there in a complete daze, 'Did Ashton Irwin just kiss me? Yeah it was on the cheek but still it happened. Wow. Focus Julie! You've got to go meet Amy and Grace in the parking lot.' And with that I headed out and met up with Amy and Grace by Amy's car. "Thank goodness you're here! We were starting to worry you had forgotten!" We all piled in and Amy started driving to my pediatrician's office. "How could I forget? This has been haunting me all day!" "So other than your encounter with Luke this morning, how did the rest of your day go?" Grace turned around in her seat to talk to me. "Well Calum actually tracked me down and got me to talk to Luke." "He did?" Grace's brown eyes widened, "Did you actually talk to him?" I nodded, "Yeah. I really didn't have a choice. We had to talk." "What did he say?" "That he'd support any decision I made with the baby." "He better be supporting you! Because if not I'd surely kick his ass." Amy said not taking her eyes off the road. I giggled, "Oh believe me I know. But my day got better, Ashton asked me out!" "He did? Are you sure you want to go out with him? I mean you are having his best mate's baby..." Grace bit her lip, "What if he gets upset or something?" "Honestly I need a distraction from this baby. I think this will be a good thing." "Julie, if you actually decide to have the baby he's going to find out." "I know but if I sleep with him I can just tell him that's his baby." "Julie isn't that a little sleezy? I think that you should see what happens. Go with Ashton but don't rush into anything. And by anything I mean sex. And I think that after you talk to your doctor that you should talk to your mum." "I can't do that Grace! She'll kick me out of the house and never let me come back! I'm seventeen, I can't survive on my own yet, especially with a baby." "You could live with one of us?" "I don't think your parents would allow that." "Seriously though Julie, you need to talk to your mum. Who knows? Maybe she can help you. At least think about telling her?" I sighed, "I guess so." "Good, because you know we just want what's best for you and your baby." "Yeah, thanks guys." Grace smiled and turned back towards the front seat. We arrived at the doctor's office minutes later and I signed myself in. And judging by the number of kids and parents, it would be a while before the doctor could see me. Thank goodness Amy and Grace were with me or else I'd be seriously bored. It took about a half hour before the nurse called me back. I set my bag down on the chair I was sitting and followed the nurse. I had asked Amy and Grace in advance to stay in the waiting room, I needed to do this on my own. I sat down on the examination table while the nurse took my temperature and blood pressure. "So what's been going on Julie?" I sighed, "I think I might be pregnant." She raised her eyebrows, "You think?" "Well I took about four pregnancy tests and they all camp up positive." "I see well the only way we can really find out is if we take some blood, I'll be right back." 'Great, I hated needles. Maybe Luke should be here...' Before I could change my mind I took out my phone and called him, "Hello?" "Luke?" "Julie? What's up? Are you ok?" "I'm at the doctor's actually." "Really?" "Yeah um.. does that offer still stand of you being here with me?" "Of course, I'll be right there." "Thank you." "No problem." And he hung up. "What am I doing?" I heard myself ask out loud.

*A/N So... Ashton is getting suspicious and Luke is helping out? Weird, I know. Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx PS: These pictures are how I see Julie (Megan Nicole), Amy (Halston Sage), and Grace (Samantha Bosacrino). So yeah hope you like the pics :) *


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