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"Let me get this straight here Luke.. you got MY girlfriend pregnant last summer at music camp?!" "Yes! But it was never meant to happen I swear!" "Oh so you didn't mean to have sex with MY girlfriend?!" "Ashton please stop yelling! It's not going to fix anything!" "Nothing can be fixed Luke! The love of my life is pregnant with YOUR baby! Things will NEVER be the same!" "I'm sorry Ashton!" "You should've apologized last summer when you were sleeping with my girlfriend!" I walked away running my fingers through my hair, I couldn't believe this was happening. *My 1st 5SOS fan fic! Hope you enjoy it :)* Copyright © 2013


4. Chapter 3


"I slept with her." I finally confessed. Calum's eyes widened, "What?" "I know mate it's bad but I mean I didn't know Ashton liked her at the time and-" "Hold up. I think I'm getting this... you had a really bad time and she hates you because of it?" I shrugged, "I honestly don't know why she's mad at me. I mean she fine after I guess." "Ok then what else is going on? You might as well tell me." "I don't know mate! I just don't!" I threw my hands up in the air. "All right calm down, you'll figure it out." "I can't believe some guy would do this to our Julie!" I heard a girl say. "Yeah! I mean who gets a girl pregnant and doesn't even care?" I heard another reply. 'Pregnant?!' I looked at Calum who had the same reaction. I quickly turned the corner to see two girls talking, their backs to me. I motioned for Calum to come closer so we heard better. "We know you're there." The girls turned around and glared at us, "How much of that did you hear?" One asked, she had blonde hair and brown eyes. "Um all of it?" "So you know?" The other asked, she had dark brown hair and brown eyes. "Yeah I guess I do. And so does my mate" I pulled Calum around next to me, "You may want to know that.. I'm that guy who doesn't care." Their eyes widened, "Are you kidding me? You got our Julie pregnant?" "I didn't mean to! It just happened." "Likely story. How do we know you just didn't take advantage of her?" "I didn't!" I looked at Calum for backup, "Look girls Luke would never take advantage of a girl like that." "Well if he is the father he's going to have to take in some responsibility." "How am I suppose to do that when Julie won't talk to me?" "That's your problem. Not ours." "Come on she's your best friend, we're going to have to talk at some point." "Like we said, it's your problem. We're not going to help you." And with that they walked off. "Calum could you please?" "Luke this is your problem but as your best mate I will help you out." "Thank you, thank you, thank you! And you could you not mention this to Michael or Ashton?" "Mate if Ashton likes this girl he's going to find out..." "All right fine, but please don't tell him right now?" "Ok, ok. I'm going to go try to get to Julie to talk to you. In the mean time, you should go to class." I nodded, "Right! See you later!"


Luke has seriously messed up, but as his best mate it's my job to help him out and get him out of trouble. But sadly this was too big of a problem to fix completely. I had to find Julie and talk to her. The bell had just rung and the hallways were crowded with people, 'Come on Calum think! What did she look like again? Think, think!' Suddenly I spotted her talking to one of the girls from earlier, I knew they wouldn't want me to talking to her but I had to. For Luke. "Excuse me can I talk to Julie for a second?" "Why?" The girl with the dark brown hair asked. "You know why!" I shooed her away and she rolled her eyes in response. "Hey Calum what's up?" Julie asked. I sighed, "I know what's going on." "You do?" She asked looking slightly afraid. "Don't worry I'm not going to tell anyone. It's just my friend Luke and I-" "Luke?" "Yeah... you know him right?" She nodded, "Yeah. I do." "I think you guys really need to talk." "But I really don't want to talk to him." "I understand that but you guys are a situation where I guess you have to to talk." "I know you're right but honestly I didn't want this to happen." "No girl wants to have a baby at seventeen. And neither does any boy want to be a father at seventeen. But unfortunately it's happening." She looked at feet, "I guess so. Is he around?" "Yeah, I think he's at his locker." "Ok" She followed me down the hall, keeping her mouth shut. I really felt bad for her, she was having a baby at seventeen. I know Luke would never take advantage of a girl on purpose but he should've at least used protection. I needed to get mind of this, "Hey Julie?" I stopped and turned to her. "Yeah?" She asked quietly, still looking at feet. "I think Ashton really likes you." She looked up at me, her cheeks flushed. "Really?" "Yeah, he hasn't stopped talking about you." "Well I don't think he's going to like me after he finds out about my baby." "You don't know that." "I think I do, if I was a guy and I liked a girl who was having a baby with his best mate, I honestly wouldn't want anything to do with her." "Ashton's not like that. He's a good guy." She stopped answering. I knew she was really uncomfortable, 'Way to go Calum!' "Hey Cal, what's-" Luke started to ask before he saw Julie. "Oh hey." Julie didn't respond, she just kept her eyes on her feet. "I'll leave you guys alone." I said before Luke could beg me to stay.


"Oh hey." He smiled slightly at me. I just kept my eyes on my feet, I didn't even notice when Calum walked away. I wanted to walk away too but I had to do this. I had to listen to what he had to say and we needed to work this out. "Hi." I said without looking up. He titled my chin up, forcing me to look at him. Tears were forming in my eyes. "I'm so sorry this happened to you. I never meant for this to happen, I was careless and stupid. I should've used protection or not even begged you to stay that night." "I should've just left. But you were being so sweet and-" "I should've just let you go. It's all my fault." "It's partly mine too." "So what are we going to do?" "You mean what am I going to do? I'm the one whose pregnant." "Right, right um I mean you can do whatever you want. I'll support whatever decision you decide to make." "Are you sure? What if I wanted to abort it or something?" "Are you saying you want to?" "No I'm not, I'm completely against abortion but I'm saying if I did would you be ok with that?" "Honestly I'd be upset but I mean you're going to be the one walking around with a baby inside you for nine months not me." I nodded, "That's true. Maybe I could have it adopted? I'm sure there's tons of couples out there looking for a baby." "Yeah I guess that could work, but I think that you should go to the doctor before you do anything." "Yeah probably." "Do you want me to go with you?" I know he was just trying to be polite, I knew he really didn't want to. "No that's all right, my best friends are going to go with me." He nodded, "Ok, have you told your mum yet?" "What? I'm not going to tell my mum! At least not right now." "You can't keep this from her. If you're planning on having the baby she's going to find out, unfortunately your stomach is going to get bigger. And I know you'll want her support." "Yeah I guess so." He must've sensed my fear because he drew me closer to him and hugged me, "Everything will be fine." He said gently into my ear. "Hey what's going on here?" I heard a familiar voice, 'Crap.'

*A/N Cliffhanger! Woohoo! Thank you to all who reading this so far... not many people are right now I guess but as I've been saying: I will write more if you guys want more, if you don't I just stop. It's not worth coming up with ideas if no one is going to read it. So yeah. Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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