One Night At Music Camp... (Being Continued on Wattpad)

"Let me get this straight here Luke.. you got MY girlfriend pregnant last summer at music camp?!" "Yes! But it was never meant to happen I swear!" "Oh so you didn't mean to have sex with MY girlfriend?!" "Ashton please stop yelling! It's not going to fix anything!" "Nothing can be fixed Luke! The love of my life is pregnant with YOUR baby! Things will NEVER be the same!" "I'm sorry Ashton!" "You should've apologized last summer when you were sleeping with my girlfriend!" I walked away running my fingers through my hair, I couldn't believe this was happening. *My 1st 5SOS fan fic! Hope you enjoy it :)* Copyright © 2013


3. Chapter 2


I was pacing around the handicapped stall in the second floor girl's bathroom waiting for Grace to get back from the grocery store. She and Amy had insisted I take another pregnancy to make absolutely sure that I was pregnant or not. "Julie calm down, Grace will back in a few minutes" Amy tried to calm me down, "You can stop pacing. Besides you're creating a draft." I turned and glared at her, "Amy you're not helping! I love you but you're not helping! I'm scared to death all right? I could mostly likely be pregnant! At seventeen years old!" Amy looked slightly hurt but nodded anyway, "You're right. You have a right to be scared. If I was in your situation I would be scared too." Suddenly Grace burst into the stall, panting and trying to catch her breath. "Were you followed?" Amy asked. Grace held up her hand asking Amy to give her a minute before she responded, "I think I beat the school record for the mile. I ran from here to the grocery store in fifteen minutes. I should get a medal for this!" "But were you followed?" I asked. "No, I put an 'out of order sign' on the door. We're fine. Well you're fine." She handed me a plastic with three pregnancy tests in them. "You bought me three?" "Yeah! We need to make absolutely sure!" I nodded, "Right. Now do you two mind?" They took the hint and left the stall. "Thank you" "You're welcome" I left the stall three minutes later (one minute for each test) and tossed the bag in the trash along with that tests. "So?" Amy and Grace asked at the same time. "They're all positive." "Well now we know what the next step is." "Which is?" "You go see a doctor!" "Amy, I don't have that kind of doctor. All I have is a pediatrician." "Well then you go there and pretend you're getting a check up." "It's not that simple, it'll show up on the insurance bill. My parents will suspect." "Oh! I've got it!" Grace spoke up, "You can go there and tell them you're a project on a person you admire. Then while you're talking to her she can give you a checkup." I thought about it for a second, maybe Grace was onto something. "I guess that could work." "All right it's a plan, we'll go with you right after school." "Thank guys, I really appreciate this." "No problem! We're best friends aren't we?" I nodded before hugging them, "I'll see you guys later." I walked out of the bathroom and walked to my next class when suddenly ran into someone, "Hey watch-" I started to say before I saw the person I ran into, 'No it couldn't be!' Standing in front of me was Luke. The boy who ruined my life. "Hey aren't you-" Before he could finish his sentence I ran off down the hall, not being able to face him.


'That was Julie! The girl I met at music camp! The girl I slept with..' I ran my fingers through my blonde hair, sweat beading down my face as I watched her run down the hallway, contemplating on following her or not. Before I could think of anything else to do I raced after her, "Wait! Please, I want to talk to you." She stopped and turned to look at me. "What?" "Julie right?" She nodded, "Yeah. Why?" "We met at music camp last summer?" "I'm sorry I don't remember you." "Are you sure? Because I do.." "You must have me confused with someone else. I'm sorry but I've got to go to class." And with that, she walked away. Leaving me speechless. "What just happened?" I heard Calum from behind me. "Oh you saw that?" He nodded, "What's going on Luke?" "Nothing, I was just talking to-" "Julie? I met her earlier when she ran into Ashton. Literally, she knocked him over. You guys at music camp?" "Yeah we did." "Did anything happen?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "No why you think that?" "Well she pretended like she barely knew you." "It's nothing Calum, she probably didn't recognize me." "I hope so because I think Ashton likes her." My eyes widened, "Really?" "Yeah.. you seem shocked." "No, I'm glad he's taken an interest in girl. It's been too long since he's had a girlfriend." "Yeah it has... are you sure there's nothing you want to tell me? Come on, we're best mates. You can tell me anything." I sighed, "All right. There's something I've been meaning to tell you." "Oh what's that?" I looked around to make sure no one was around, "Well... it was the night of the big showcase and remember I lost my guitar pic and I had to borrow Micheal's?" Calum nodded, "Yeah... I remember that." "Well I went into the dining hall and Julie was pacing around mumbling to herself. So I went and said "hi". And we started talking, getting to know each other a little. She was nervous about singing so she sang her song for me. She's amazing mate, really amazing." "Get to the point Luke." I took a deep breath, "I slept with her."

*A/N Luke fesses up! What will happen next? Post you predictions below, if you want to :) The next one will be posted tomorrow. Like, comment, favorite and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx PS: Thank for the all likes and favorites so far! I really appreciate it! Please, please continue! All right I'm out, peace! xx*

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