One Night At Music Camp... (Being Continued on Wattpad)

"Let me get this straight here Luke.. you got MY girlfriend pregnant last summer at music camp?!" "Yes! But it was never meant to happen I swear!" "Oh so you didn't mean to have sex with MY girlfriend?!" "Ashton please stop yelling! It's not going to fix anything!" "Nothing can be fixed Luke! The love of my life is pregnant with YOUR baby! Things will NEVER be the same!" "I'm sorry Ashton!" "You should've apologized last summer when you were sleeping with my girlfriend!" I walked away running my fingers through my hair, I couldn't believe this was happening. *My 1st 5SOS fan fic! Hope you enjoy it :)* Copyright © 2013


2. Chapter 1


* 4 weeks later *

I came into the house after coming back from choral practice, who knew standing on risers for three hours would be so exhausting? I set backpack and music down before going up to my bathroom. I went under my sink and took out an early pregnancy test, I had been hiding it in there since after music camp. Though I never wanted to think about music camp ever again, it was one of the worst experiences ever. I quickly took the test and set my iPhone timer for a minute. I sat there on the closed toilet, scared to death. I was seventeen years old and I was taking a pregnancy test! Seconds later my phone started quacking letting me know time was up. I carefully picked up the test and looked at the tiny screen, a pink plus sign appeared on the screen. 'No! This couldn't be happening! It just couldn't be!' I quickly wrapped the test up in toilet paper so my mum would think otherwise if she saw it and ran into my bedroom. How was I suppose to start school tomorrow? How was I going to face everyone? How was I going to face Amy and Grace? Or my mum? I was doomed. 'Calm down Julie, just get a good night sleep.. if it's possible and just try not to think about it. But how was I not to suppose to think about it? I was pregnant!'

- The next day -

I was putting my books into my locker when Amy and Grace approached me with huge smiles on their faces. "Hey guys why so excited?" "We just met the new math teacher! His name is Mr. Clemmings, sounds old but oh my goodness he is SO fine!" Grace gushed, her pearly white teeth gleaming in the florescent lighting. I just smiled and continued to put books in my locker. "Julie? What's going on? Don't tell me you've got something better than Steve Clemmings?" I took a deep breath, "I had sex." Their eyes widened, "What? No you didn't that's stupid." Amy said waving her dismissively. I shook my head, "No I really did." "Oh my gosh with who?" Grace started jumping up and down. Before I could answer Amy started talking, "Wait are you sure? I mean you could've just been having a bad dream and you just thought it was sex?" "Guys I'm serious. I really did have sex." "Why would you be telling us this now unless.." Suddenly Grace turned serious, "Oh Julie you're not." Before I could respond again the final bell rang, "I have to go!" "Wait a second you can't just go to class!" Amy looked panicked. "I'm in enough trouble as it without skipping class, we'll talk about this later." I took off down the hall before they could respond or protest.


"Where the hell is he?" I asked for the billionth time since we got to school, "He would here at 8:30! It's 8:45!" I threw my hands up in the air dramatically. "Calm down Ash, he'll be here." Calum reassured me, "He texted me a few minutes ago saying he was just running late." I sighed, "All right. So guys see any girls you like yet?" I asked changing the subject. "Yeah! Faith Dobson. She is smokin'!" Michael said grinning like an idiot. "Oh come on Michael! We all know she's taken." "Yeah by Eric Simmons. Who is not nearly as good enough for her as I am!" I shook my head, "You guys are crazy. Faith is never going to go for you. And besides she's the most popular girl in school and pretty much only dates jocks. Considering the fact that she's a cheerleader." "Well I can play guitar!" "Yeah but that's not really what the ladies are looking for these days. Sorry guys." "We're not giving up you know." "All right Calum you just keep getting your heart broken." I looked down the hall towards the front door to see if Luke was coming, but still nothing. I was completely lost in my daze, I didn't even see hear Micheal when he said "Watch your back mate!" I was knocked to the floor. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! Are you ok?" I looked up a saw a girl with shiny black hair and brown eyes kneeling in front me. I rubbed my sore head, "Yeah I'm fine, I should've been paying more attention." "No I was walking way too fast and didn't see you, here let me help you up." She offered me her hand that I gladly took ignoring the giddy looks I was getting from Calum and Michael. "Thanks, I'm Ashton by the way." "I'm Julie, nice to meet you. Are you new here?" He shook his head, "No I've been going here since freshman year. You seem like it's your first day?" "Yeah it is, I just moved her from New Zealand last year." "Well welcome to Australia!" She giggled, "Thanks, sorry for knocking you over. I've got to go to class but I'll see you around." "All right I guess I'll see you." "Bye!" She called over her shoulder as she turned the corner. Suddenly Calum whacked me on the shoulder, "What was that?" "I should be asking you the same question, what's with the hitting?" "Mate! She was cute! You should've asked her out! Or at least gotten her digits!" "Guys I don't know her all right? I'm not going to be asking her anything like that." "Well when you actually get to know her then ask." "You guys are absolutely ridiculous." "Hey guys sorry I'm late" Luke appeared next to us. "It's about time! Where were you?" "I told you I was running late." "Because?" "I slept in and I forgot to set my alarm. I promise I'll be on time tomorrow." I nodded, "All right now can we just get to class already?" They nodded and we headed down the hallway.

*A/N First chapter for you! Ashton seems to like Julie but is he aware that his best got her pregnant! Nope! Again I ask that you guys give this story a chance, because well I've just started it and I'm already having a great time writing it :) Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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