Love is our adventure.

Bio: Heidi Smith is a Beautiful Blonde girl with Crystal Blue eyes and comes from a great family. She has a 22 year old brother named Chris in the United States Army, A 14 year old sister, Taylor, 12 year old Twin Boys, Stephen and Robert (Aren't they just GREAT!?) A 3 year old brother, Arick, A 4 month old baby sister, Tierney. And me Heidi, 16 years old. My mom is a Lawyer and part time dentist. My Father is an undercover cop for the FBI, when i graduate high school and college i will go to boot camp and go into the FBI. I am the 'leader' of the popular girls(i don't even know how!) And im the Student Council President. Im the captain of the Cheer Team, Swim Team, Soccer team, Softball Team and the Field Hockey team, so i am very active. I have a Perfect life. But someone from the past ruins everything.


1. Chapter One

~~ Junior Prom~~

~Heidi's POV ~



Today's the day of Prom. Im going with my LOVELY boyfriend, Christopher, but everyone calls him Chris. He has brown hair in a quiff and he has Bright baby blue eyes. We've been dating for 3 months now. Funny story actually, we met in a drug store, 4 months ago.


~~ I was picking up a big box of pregnancy tests FOR MY MOM OF COURSE! And bumped into him, he was getting a small box.


"You don't look pregnant." I giggled. He laughed the cutest laugh too.


"I could say the same." He chuckled.


"Im Heidi." I smiled at him, forgetting about my bright green and pink braces. I don't like to show them because i had just got them on 3 days ago.


"Chris." He gave me hug. my head was screaming HE'S A HUGGER! I was already in love.


"Cute braces too, green's my favorite color." He whispered in my ear. I giggled.


" Wanna meet up sometime? I just moved here from Ireland and need someone to hang out with." He winked.


"YES!" I yelled, "i mean, yeah sure, whatever." I tried to play it cool even though i was blushing fiercely.


"Well i lost my number, can i have yours?" I burst out laughing. He did too.


"Sorry, that was pretty sad. My brother said that was the way to go when getting a girls number." Now he was blushing.


"That probably wont work on girls, just give them a smile and ask." I smiled. He smiled and that when i noticed his braces. They were a matching green and a bright blue.


"What?" He asked.


"You're braces. They're cute." I blushed.


"Thanks, uh well i have to go. My sister and Mom are waiting outside."


"Kay" i reached into his back pocket and grabbed his phone. He didn't have a password to his iphone. Smart.


I put my name and number with a winky face and a heart. I text my number and gave him his phone back.


"Use it." I smiled. He nodded smiling back.


He gave me a hug and a wink before he left to pay and go. I blew him a kiss before he left and he 'caught' it and walked out.


Well 3 months later we were extremely close and dating. He finally made a move at a Soccer practice. Which will be another story for another time. ~~


I got up and showered, i got out my strapless poofy blue dress with a white flower below my shoulder. It was beautiful. I slightly curled the ends of my hair and applied little makeup, Taylor wanted to get some makeup too. She gets to start wearing it in a year.


It was only 8:00 in the morning so i got everyone up for breakfast. My mom was already at work and my dad was on duty. I had made waffles with whipped cream and blueberries on top, one with strawberries because Robert was alergic to blueberries.


I made sausage on the side and gave them each a glass of Orange juice. Everything was gone within 15 minutes. I told everyone that if mom wasn't home when i had to go that Taylor was in charge, i got groans but they agreed.


"Sissy?" I heard Arick call, he had whipped cream all over his face. I laughed.


"Yes?" I smiled down at him.


"Me- I want more Whipped cream." I told him no and sent him to play with Robert and Stephen.


Tierney woke up and i fed her, Taylor played with her after.


~~6:00 p.m.~~


"Taylor! Im gonna get ready, Chris should be here in 45 minutes." I took a 10 minutes shower and redid my hair and makeup in 15 minutes. I got my Dress on. I teared up, i never felt this beautiful before.


Just as i was putting on my last shoe Chris arrived. I walked down the stairs, this was like a movie moment when the girl walks down and sees everyone waiting for her.


I kissed everyones heads and got a picture with Chris. He was dressed in a well fitting black tux. His hair was as usual but i like it that way. He pulled out a box, its was a BEAUTIFUL crosage.


I hugged him quickly and put it on. He then bent down on one knee. Was he proposing?!


"Will you, Heidi Smith, accept this promise ring?" I said yes and we hugged again, i kissed him lovingly on the lips.


He escorted me to the LIMO and we talked about school, and college and just small talk.


He put his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him, i put my head on his shoulder. We entwined our hands.


"Heidi." He said resting his head on mine.


"Hmmm" i hummed in response.


"I think i love you." He said. The words kept repeating in my head. 'I love you. I love you. I love you.'


"I knew you didnt feel the same way" he looked down at our hands as a tear fell down his face.


"No baby. I-I think i love you too." We smiled, i wiped his tear.




"Really." I smiled.


He cupped my face and kissed me passionetly . Fireworks and butterflies were erupting in my stomach.


We arrived at the junior prom, the look on peoples faces were hilarious. We walked in and had a night we'd never forget. We didnt lose our virginity but still.


I cuddled into him on the way home.


"I had a fun time tonight." I smiled


"I did too, im so lucky to have you. If we didnt meet that day id be in a hotel room with one of those sluts." He chuckled. I chuckled too.


"We're at my house. If you want you can stay over." I yawned.


"Yeah, ill take the guest room." He yawned.


We got settled in, i gave him one of my dads t-shirts, he didnt use it because he 'would rather sleep naked.' He was serious too, when i went into his room to get a hug he was naked. I covered my eyes and he gave me a warm hug.


"Love you." I whispered.


"I love you more." He whispered.


We gave our hugs and kisses, and i checked on the kids. All of them were tucked in. Taylor did good. I smiled at her sleeping in her room. I gave her $50.00 for such a great job and she needs $50 more for two tickets to a One Direction concert, she deserves it.

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