About seeing and accepting your own flaws, and focusing on the positive sides. School assignment.


1. Confessions

Alright I may have lied.
Or told just half a truth.
But often I was honest
I mostly gave it to you straight.
But alright, I may have lied.

Okay, I have made mistakes
Done things I shouldn’t have
But often I succeeded
Many times I was right
But okay, I have made mistakes.

I’m sorry that I hurt you
Said things that I regret
But I also made you happy
And always only meant the best
But I’m sorry that I hurt you.

Yes, I have been jealous
Wanted what wasn’t mine to have
But I have also been generous
And happy for your success
But yes, I have been jealous.

It’s true, I have had secrets
Kept from you what you should know
But I have trusted you with more
Told you things from under my skin
But it’s true, I have had secrets

At times I have been proud
Thought myself above everyone else
But most times I don’t feel important
And you can expect to be first in my line
But at times I have been proud.

Sometimes I might be lazy 
Will do anything to get away from the job
But other days I work my heart out
I like to do the best I can
But sometimes I might be lazy.

I won’t deny, I’ve told many excuses
Pathetic attempts to save my skin
But sometimes I had reasons
At times they were even true
But I won’t deny, I’ve told many excuses.

You’re right, I’m often too afraid
Living on the safe and boring side
But I do also take chances
I do sometimes take a step further
But you’re right, I’m often too afraid.

I know, I am far from perfect
With an endless list of flaws
But I have many good sides.
I know a lot but not it all
But I know that nobody’s perfect.

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