That annoying moment!

This book, will tell u every annoying moment!
How annoying people act!
Or how annoying is the moment
Or maybe what about th most embarrassing moment?!
A lot you will find in this book ;)

You can post your ideas, and I might agree in them ;)


5. Some random moments

1) when you love your idiol, then other people tells you he/she are ugly, just so to make u angry infront of everyone -,- and ruin ur day

2) that moment when u think it is the festival, then they cancel it cause of some fixing -,-

3) when u find out that you got good marks, then you tell your friends, they are like, "yeah, yeah whatever", then when they get good marks, "omg, did u see?! I got good!! This is amazing! U should be happy of me! -,-'


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