Twists and Turns

Jasper Cartwright hasn't been in love since he was a teenager. Over the eighteen years he's been a ruthless theatre director, he has learnt to live for the work. Casual relationships with his actresses have earned him quite the reputation, however, and many would rather steer clear of him. Fliss Edwards has been doing just that since she walked out on a show with him five years ago. That doesn't mean she hasn't been thinking about him though. Fate and an oblivious creative team throw them together again in a huge musical that could change Broadway forever.

Elizabeth Mason is an up and coming actress just moving out of her childhood roles and finding it hard to get work. Hired on to fit with Jaspers new approach to the show, she gets a lot more than she bargained for out of playing Fliss's younger sister.

Twists and Turns is about the relationships of all of the people involved on that show and how Fliss and another special young lady convinced Jasper to feel again.


1. Cast of Characters

Jasper Cartwright Director of Brontë, has a reputation for being a heart-breaker.


Fliss Edwards Plays Emily in Brontë is a big rising star on Broadway, this is her first original part.


Elizabeth Mason A child star who's just grown out of her latest role and is now hoping to transition out of child parts into adult roles.


Charlie Landers The pretty boy of Brontë, he's a small part actor who plays two of the sisters' love interests.


George Evans Elizabeth's boyfriend and best friend.


Kate Jones Elizabeth's mother.


Amelia Lakers One of the small part actresses on Brontë, a jaded blonde who's been trying to make it for years.


Harvey Louis The lyricist and book writer of Brontë who hates Jasper.


Julian Holt The composer of Brontë.


Connor Carter One of the small part actors in Brontë who is dating Harvey.


Edward Richards The producer of Brontë.


William Mulberry The big star drafted in to play Patrick Brontë in the show, from a big acting family.


Charles Cartwright Jasper's father, a violinist.


Rose Cartwright Jasper's mother, a flight risk.


David Cartwright Jasper's older brother and best friend.


Emma Cartwright Jasper's sister.


Freddie Cartwright Jasper's younger brother.


Dustin Bright Fliss's ex-boyfriend, currently married to Edward's daughter.


Reagan Hope Stage manager of Brontë.


Bobby Morgan Plays Branwell in Brontë.


Debbie East Plays Charlotte in Brontë.


General Brontë Cast

Jessica Andrews

Rebecca Vint

Rachel Orkland

Rowan Perkins

Wendy Brown

Leah Ingrams



The Cast Kids

Caroline Lockwood

Dakota Eastwick

Fallon Taylor

Sadie Goddard

Zoe Franks


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