forever in my heart

hi, my name is cassia , im 12 years old and live with my mum and dad

this is the story of how i discovered who i really was and where i really belonged . Not everyone can seem who they tell you they are as i find out

i really hope you enjoy my first movella and please become a fan


4. Cambrige High School

As i walked into the class room I could feel a thousand eyes staring at me . i looked around the still environment trying to find a place to sit.

"Err hi , im Luke , miss says I should look after you " Luke said glancing down at his feet

"where should I sit " I asked slightly nervous , but there was something about Luke that seemed so familiar to me , almost like family 

" There's a space next to me if you want " Luke suggested to me

"Ok then "

I sat down next to him and got out my pencil case with all my nice new pens and pencils. I glanced over to Luke who was busy texting on his phone under the used gum disposal desk

"LUKE  go to the back and give me your phone " barked the teacher

He stood up and brushed his thick brown hair from his baby blue eyes , I instantly fell for him. But who would go out with the new girl nobody wo... my thoughts were interrupted by a gentle tap on my shoulder , I turned  around and the dirty blonde haired girl behind me passed me a crumpled up piece of paper . I carefully opened it being careful not to tear the paper . My eyes scanned over the page as my heart leaped for joy

" Hi cassia , I know this is a bit of a rush for your first day , but there is something really important i have to ask you.... will you go out with me ? Luke xx

I turned around to him and smiled.

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