If I got to meet One Direction

Hi I'm Audrey I'm "19" I have brown eye's and brown back length hair and I'm 5'8 just a normal adolescent right. Wrong!!
Normal adolescents don't have to deal with millennium old vampires after them breathing down there necks watching there every move so there able to attack at the right vulnerable moment do they. NO. So call me what you want all I know is I'm the last of a dieing breed. A Hybrid. And it dosnt help when love gets in the way.


3. Celeb magnet

I forgot that marcus lives in a fancy hotel that has a dress code for vistors. "Fuck that" I snuck in and ran to the elevator. When I got in, there was a snooty looking white women holding what I think was a rat she kept looking at me until I got out finally I got to his door an knocked I looked up when I saw who opened the the door I got confused it was a tall brown eyed gentle man and a very good looking one at that. "Were is marcus??" shockingly he knew who I was talking about "he left yesterday he gave us his room" "ughhh fuck ummmm...... do you happen to know where he went?" "he said he was moving into the Roosevelt hotel" I got sad " anww thats like across town" I started to walk away and say thanks "if you were looking for a place to stay you could stay here for tonight" "I dont want to be a bother" " you dont look like a bother" "thanks im cool" he still kept trying "besides it looks like its about to rain" "I'll stand under an awning" "you are so stuborn" he came up to me and picked me up and brough me inside "HEY!!!" He put me down and presented me to a group of 4 guys. Jay's POV There was a knock on the door and in that instant i heard 4 not it's tom yells out "you loose mate it's your turn" I sigh and walk to the door. When I opened it standing there was a girl a beautiful one to but she wasnt here to see any of us she wanted to see marcus I told her all I knew about his wereabouts I had asumed she was supposed to stay with him tonight by the way she was dressed I couldnt let her go out and walk all he way to the other hotel I had to make her stay the night which was extremly difficult she kept refusing so I hoisted her up on my sholder and set her down inside the house and infront of everyone "HEY!!" she shouted in a rather cute voice"Everyone meet........." "Audrey" she sighed "she will be staying with us till morning and I will drive you home tommorow" "thats really not----gets interupted---- "it's been decided" Tom jumps up and shouts. He walks over to her " for now you can sleep in nathans room just sit here and watch this movie." he walked her over to the couch and sat her down you could easily tell she was really confused "Ok fuckup for a seconed. I would love to know you all before I sleep in your house and by the way im sleeping on the couch" she got up and came back next to me and crossed her arms "fiesty arent we" Tom chuckled I could tell that loosened her up to. She smiled." Sorry but I dont do well with being nice so can you guys introduce yourselvs so I can call you friends. All you have to do is give me your name age fave color and fear" we all gave her a confused look she was serious she didnt know who we were."What?!?! my idea wasnt that bad" "oi she really dosnt know who we are" nathan said. "Well shes trying siva you first" Audrey's POV We all went around and when it finally reached me everyone was all ears. "Ok I guess its my turn ummm my name is Audrey Clement im 19 and I like most neon colors and blue, green, and purple" you forgot your fear" nathan pointed out "I know im not really afraid of any thing" they all looked at me with funny shocked looks on there faces I had to laugh. Jay shook his head and said bullshit " im not fucking with you promise I have nothing to be afraid of" they all got up and backed away slowly and suspiciously said ok and faded away in the dark hallway. I got a strange feeling they were planing something but what-----stomach rumbles------ I forgot I hadnt eaten yet. I got off there recliner and took the oppertunity of alone time to get some food in me. I snuck to the kitchen and raided there fridge I had the mayo and mustard in one hand the lettece cheese and ham in the other and by the mouth I held the bread bag I turned around to find nathan standing right behind me.Busted. I slowly set the food down on the couner put my head down and said sorry and began to walk away he grabed my arm "it's ok" I jumped up like an overexcited little girl and hugged him. Its fun to make other people laugh. I asked him if he wanted one he said sure "but im making my own your a guest you shouldnt be doing anything matter of fact give me the knife I'll make it for you" I was about to argue with him but he gave me that look I sighed and walked to the other side of the counter to watch in defeat. He laughed at my pouty face. I like this group there funny. I think The Wanted will be my fav celebs. Nathan's POV She's a awsome daime I think i love her I wonder if that marcus guy was her boyfriend. "Did your boyfriend forget to mention he was moving" when I asked she began to laugh ridiculously hard. After she was finnished exploding with laughter she managed to say "never in a millon years would marcus ever be caught dead with the title of my boyfriend I actually dont have a boyfriend" she made it way easier by saying that " hey do you want to go out some time?" I had to ask. She looked confused "whats wrong love" i think made her blush for a seconed she was to perfect "like on a date??" I humored her "Yes like on a date" "uhhhhhh sure i'll give you my number were's your phone??" "it's in my pocket could you grab it for me I have mayo on my hands." "sure" she said when she got close enough I stared into her eyes all I could think about was how soft her lips looked I had to kiss her she looked up at me I guess she felt me staring she blushed and put her head down " hey you know one thing that tast great in and with a sandwitch, chips. I'll go look for some" with that she moved away from me I heard a cough we both turned around it was jay. " you guys are making sandwitches without me" he looked at me in particular. "nathane says im not alowed to make myself food so he's making everything blame him" "Hey!!" I shouted playfuly "should've let me make my own sandwitch" she giggled. After she found the chips I made 4 more sandwitches while trying to stop her from helping. I knew what was to come after this because jay liked her that ment we all had to back off we had to respect the saw her first rule but I dont think I can back off neither can the boys once they spend 5 min with her they'll fall in love like I did. Audrey's POV It was time to hit the sack I told everyone good night followed the directions nathan gave me to his room, the guys refused to let me sleep on the couch so I gave up and just took nathans room, when I got there I curled up under his sheets and just knocked out faster then expected. Before I drifted into deep sleep I forgot to check my messages to see if I got any from jack I would do it in the morning then that was it.
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