If I got to meet One Direction

Hi I'm Audrey I'm "19" I have brown eye's and brown back length hair and I'm 5'8 just a normal adolescent right. Wrong!!
Normal adolescents don't have to deal with millennium old vampires after them breathing down there necks watching there every move so there able to attack at the right vulnerable moment do they. NO. So call me what you want all I know is I'm the last of a dieing breed. A Hybrid. And it dosnt help when love gets in the way.


2. Ahhh the smell of Love and Betrayel:)

And I began "hi im Audrey" I tried to speed away as fast as I could but he cought me by the arm the arm "and....." Jack says I rolled my eyes in a loud sigh "and I'm sorry for being rude to you guys" Jake just had to continue "and....." "ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm sorry I threw a knife at you and scared the boys GOSH!!!!" walks into the kitchen " I love you to sweetheart" I could hear the sarcasm seeping through his voice as I walked to the kitchen I did the sensible thing and put my middle finger up and began making my near midnight tea before I had to sneak out again. I really hate sneeking out without Jack knowing but the Sins , short for sinister they were turned at 17 and they act like vampires of today like edward, jasper and crap like that so they can get chicks and guys to fall for them then drain there blood sinister right. But now they feel that thats not enough they want to make the pack stronger so they've been hunting me down for decades now, and are getting very impatient with there goons. I just hope Jack---- gets interupted from thought by a blue eyed brown haired english boy----" hi!! IM LOUIS!!!! " "OOOOWWWWWWWW could you be any fucking louder" "ya look HI IM--I had to shut him up----""OK I believe you can" I giggle under my breath "Thats the smile I was waiting for" for some reason I had to stump that hope "oh shutup what did you need" "fiesty aren't we" he smerked at his sucessful attempt to make me smile. I gave up the mean facade so I just went along with it "so what did you need Lou" I giggled he was so amused "i smelled tea so I came running" "Oh Ya! I forgot you peple like tea ask the guys if they want" "Yes Sr!" I laughed as he saluted and walked away. Louis POV As I walked in to the the smell of tea and a beautiful girl I noticed the scared and stressed look on her face I did what I do best .I made her smile. After I walked out to ask the guys if they wanted tea they all stared at me . Thats when I realized they sent me in there to break the ice for harry he wanted to ask her out but I think I love her now how am I gonna break this to hazza. "ya it went well your good to go hazz I think I love her so go get her Li" I said it as fast as I could so no one would hear me but Zayn's quick ears caught it he was the only one who heard me I gave him a look to keep quiet and he did. I sat down as Li got up to go in and quickly texted zayn. Liam's POV Ok my turn all I had to do was get to know her and give Harry the info. As I got in and saw her smiling at that moment all I could think is she's mine. I procceded I think she noticed me coming in she told me tea wasnt ready yet I was so confused " Did'nt Louis tell you I was making tea for everyone" o ya I was to stunned to remember him saying that "Oh ya k ...Hey did you need any help im great at making appatizers" "ummmmmmmmmm isn't kinda late for appatizers" she chuckled a bit "considering that 5 mile jog I think now is the perfect time for food" "Ya your right what did you guys want???" I looked at her with a questioned look " you know nothing about us do you???" "other than that you guys are a world famous boy band called..............ummmmm One direction??" Wow she really didn't know about us " wow your not a stalker fan thats a first. Lets play 21 questions" I laughed "umm thanks I think. ok" . After the game ended we finished makeing a home made pizza and I knew enough about her. Im in love. I walked back in the living room I had to tell zayn he'd know what to do. I gave a thumbs up to Niall and quickly got my phone out and texted zayn. Niall's POV I guess Li did his job now my turn and plus the smell of food was to enticing. As I got into the kitchen I heard her singing in the most beautiful voice she felt my presence and quickly turned around and began to blush. I laughed at how cute she was it was adorable. I rushed by her side as soon as I saw her cutting the slice of pizza "you were making pizza" I said excited " ya Li was helping me with the toppings" as she was talking I grabed a slice before it could get outside "it tast great too" she slowly turned around from the sink and said "but I didnt serve anyone yet....HAY!!!" She gives me a quick smirk and a giggle because of the way I was stuffing my face fast so I wouldnt get caught. This girl was amazing she can cook, sing, is funny, beautiful, and is badass I think im in love. We walked into the living room to serve the guys all I could do was ask zayn to help. Audrey's POV Im not saying I've warmed up to the troblemakers but they sure could make a girl laugh " ok guys pizza is ready 3 slices are missing blame Niall I'll bring the tea out and where's Jack???". They all laugh at my niall joke and looked at him. Liam answered "he went up to his room to find something" " i'll be back im gonna check on him. Oh and leave us some!!" I shout from upstairs. Harry's POV Now that she's not in the room and all the guys are here I can get the info on her. "so guys what did you find out" they all looked at me for 2 seconeds then put there heads down. “What!!!" "were all in love with the same girl" zayn said I looked at them heads toward zayn mouths wide open. We just stared at each other speechless. The silence was broken when Audrey ran down with her phone and coat in hand and Jack running down behind her. "I have to go guys Jack will stay with you" she said fast with a difficultly suppressed angry tone. "Like hell your not" I was so confused. Jack's POV While the guys and audrey were downstaires I decided to try to end the hunting for her own good. I want to protect her but she is so stuborn it's like talking to a mule half the time. I love her to much to give up. I started searching for her phone it gives her alerts on vamp sitings, curse her dad for passing it down to her .I finally found it. It was full with all her completed jobs and ones still in progress a pop came up and alerted her of a new mission I had to delete it before she could read it. I heard the door open and swiftly put the device behind my back it was her. Audrey's POV I ran up the staires because I forgot my phone in my room so i'd stop there and then check in Jacks room to see if he's there. When I opened the door I saw jack my room holding something behind his back. I immediatly got suspicious. " whats that behind your back" I asked with a raised eyebrow " ummmm nothing" "your a terrible lier" I reached out to him so he could give up whatever it was willingly but instead he looked at me confused and asked "what??" "you know what give it to me or next time i'll aim for you head instead" he sighed shook his head and gave me my phone. I looked at him angrily and asked him what was he doing with my phone "you shouldnt be hunting the dangers are just too high audrey please" . I couldnt listen to him any more I looked on my phone to see if any of the mesages were deleted when I opened it I saw a box asking if I wanted to delete this message I pressed no "what are you doing" I didnt even want to answer I ran downstairs grabbed my coat and told the boys jack was gonna stay here with them and that i was going out "like hell your not" I ignored him and ran to the door about to open it when jack quickly grabbed my arm. I looked at him with my wolf eyes and growled at him a bit. I had to leave or I'd turn full wolf. My eyes are begining to turn from bright gold to red for vampire mode. Out the corner of my eye I could see the guys look at me like I was a freak . My eyes went back to normal I looked at jack and told him I wont go but I have to get out side to breath call me when they leave and tell me your exscuse" I smirked turned around said " this should be good" and walked out. It took me a block to figure out I was still in my pj's. I HAD TO CHANG but the only person I knew was my supplier marcus. The problem was jack and marcus never had the best relatonship ever, in other words they dont like each other I really dont know why. I'll go I just wont tell jack were I stayed.
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