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  • Published: 23 Aug 2013
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Just a short piece of writing about love.

1. Love

There are a lot of horrible people in this world. Every day, we turn on the news and what do we see? We see strife, desperation. We see death, illness suffering and we sit there and say “oh, how horrible, what a terrible world we live in!” then we go back to our own little lives. But, the truth is, this world is far from terrible. There are many bad people, yes, there is illness, there is death, but we need to let our eyes see the rainbows in the tear tracks.


I don't believe that this world has gone sour. For the most powerful weapon any of us can wield, is love. Let me explain. Think of the person you love the most. Imagine them hurt, or dying, that image has the power to haunt you for the rest of your life. People go bad, I believe, through lack of love. Nobody is born bad. Horrible things happen to people, they see their own loved ones killed, or hurt, and it does something to them. Something inside them snaps, and is irreparable. So love has the power to injure and cause pain, but love is far better at something else.


Have you ever seen a mother with a newborn baby? There is one moment, that first moment, when the baby looks up into the mother's eyes, and something clicks. It's like the mother has a piece of string attached to her floating in the air, and the baby has a similar one and the moment those two pairs of eyes meet eachother, the strings connect, and there is a bond that is almost impossible to break. That moment, the love in that room spreads like melted butter, filling so many people with smiles. And through that moment, a woman really becomes a mother, and it is so terrifying and impossibly beautiful, I am smiling whilst writing this, and I have never even experienced it myself.


Have you ever seen a soldier, coming back from some terrible war somewhere? There will almost always be someone, if not lots of people, anxiously waiting, hearts in mouths. Now, I am not a great believer in the whole 'our heroes' attitude, I don't see anyone involved with killing as a hero, but the moment when a family sees their son, daughter, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, sister, Dad, Mum, Uncle, Aunt, Cousin walk out to meet them, there is an electricity in the air. A girlfriend, jumping up and running to her boyfriend, who she has worried about for two years straight, tears running down her face, laughing, because he is alive. In that moment, everything else could disappear. It could just be them, holding on to eachother like nothing else matters, and, in a way, nothing does. Because what is more important that the people we choose to share our lives with? Can you imagine living alone? Never feeling the warmth of an embrace with a loved one? I can't.


Have you ever seen a bride (or groom) walking down the aisle, her/his eyes sparkling as her/his soon to be husband (or wife) sets eyes on her/him? I love it. My parents are photographers, and they photograph weddings, and I always love the pictures when the bride's hand is placed into the groom's, and they share a smile. It says so much, that smile. It says 'we made it!' it says 'I love you' it says 'I'm here, and your here, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you'. It's wonderful. That's what I don't understand about the whole, gay marriage issue. If two people love eachother, if two people feel they want to have the same kind of life as a straight couple, then what's the big deal? Are they hurting anyone by wanting the same treatment as a man and woman? They have just as much right as anyone to have a big white wedding. It's like people want to condemn them, like the way the couple want to express their love can't be the same way it is for a man and woman. Yes, they can have a civil partnership, but if they want to be married, and for it to be called marriage, then good for them. I can't believe that anybody really wants to stop two people from being happy.


And so, now I'm nearly done, although of course there are so many different types of love that I haven't mentioned, and if I could, I would talk about them all. For there is beauty and love everywhere. On the news in the morning, look at the suffering, the men, women and children injured in horrible situations. Are the people there alone? Are they in pain with nobody to hold their hand? No. There are nearly always people there, stroking their hair, holding their hand, being there for them. And that is true for almost every horrible event in history. 9 11. The phone calls were all to loved ones, nobody sent messages of anger, or disappointment, or hatred. They sent messages of love. Because that was what was on their mind, making sure that everyone they loved knew what they meant to them. When Malala and the other girls on that bus got shot, people who had never even had anything to do with those girls, stood up and supported them. I am one of them. I have never met any of those girls, they live thousands of miles away, but I still wanted to help them. To tell them they were so brave, that I love them for what they did., Because I do love them. They did something I would never be brave enough to do, and they stood up for what they believed in and they showed that they were made of stronger stuff than the men that shot them. I love them with all my heart. Myself and many others. So, all I ask you, when you finish reading, is to sit down and think about all the love in the world. At this moment, all around the world, men ( and hopefully some women!) are on one knee, two small children are playing together, a baby that nobody thought would survive is alive and healthy, an old woman is laying flowers on her husband's grave and remembering his crinkle eyed smile, all that love is bursting out into the air, and, if you don't already, you should love harder than ever today. Go up to someone you love and just tell them how much they mean to you. Go on. I dare you. And, next time you turn on the news and someone says “oh, how horrible, what a terrible world we live in!”tell them they're wrong. Tell them we live in a world where even the people that have nothing to eat and are barely surviving can love, a world where people sacrifice themselves for people they love. And I hope you remember when you are next upset, that no matter what time of day it is, and no matter what is happening in the world, there is and always will 

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