Here Comes the Rain Again, Falling From the Stars

Ten. Nine. Eight.
When Dyena Air-Rin is told that the government wants to send her in to space, she is exhilarated. However, when she finds out that thirteen strangers are joining her, she wasn't too happy.

Seven. Six. Five.
Until she meets Drakone. And her world turns upside-down. Born in the small, dry town of Athol, Drakone was always somewhere near Dyena, with or without her knowledge.

Four. Three. Two.
But when Dyena checks the list of Space-Cadets, Drakone's name isn't on it. So when they pile onto the ship, she's decided to find out more about her mysterious partisan.


1. Blast Off

'We are tiny, ignorant, insignificant atoms of carbon.'


The engines roared, and as she looked behind her she could feel the eyes of ten million red LED's boring into her back.


Flame screamed from the thrusters of the rocket. The seats surrounding the modern control panel vibrated slightly under the raw force of the engines.


Her thirteen strangers flashed eachother worried looks as the external thruster began to warm up.


She looked out of the window to see hundreds of people fleeing away from the rocket-blast radius. This didn't help her nerves at all.


Several people made a mess in their pants when the red lights came on for the Auto-Pilot. And for a small group, it was quite a lot.


She straightened her helmet and brushed down her suit.


The face of the space-cadet behind her went a vile shade of pale green.


14 people moved their 28 eyes in unison towards the front of the ship. Attention passed from the green guy to the blue sky above them.


The blue sky returned the glare of 14 people.


Blast Off.

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