there is these 5 friends who go to the same school do everything the same do everything togetherbut there is this one thing they fight about a lot of things but then something will all change and everything will be normal or wont it?


10. Telling the principle

"ok so start of with the first thing that happened Anna"said Mr duke

"ok so we were sitting on a table and this will probably sound stupid but a  hotguy walks past he is in our grade so he walks past and he was cute and all but Brooke and I both liked him, than Cristy walks to him and says do you want to go out with me cause no one else likes you. Brooke and I went over and said we don't know what your talking about but we like him and Cristy said ewwwwww you girls are to gross for him go away go fight somewhere else. Broke and I were so angry so we walked back fighting saying hes mine no he mine and than I pounced her and she punched me back and another couple of times so, I called cristy to get the teacher and she did" As Anna said all happy and Knew what she was talking about.

"so you and cristy are friends" asked Mr Duke

"yes she just said that because Brooke was there" said Anna again Knowing what she was saying.

"ok you may leave now can you get Brooke for me and send her in" said Mr Duke

"Sure Mr" said Anna happily walking out.


I know this is short but I'm doing the next talking to the teacher in another bit but can you remember what happened some of this is not true does Anna want to get Brooke in trouble or not will brooke tell the truth or not will Jess tell the truth or not you guys will find out next 

byeeeeeee XD


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