Sol, Earth, Kamar

Several hundred years in the future a ground breaking event forces life to restart centered around a different sort of religion. Kai, Shayde and Selena are the heirs to the thrones of three of the most powerful kingdoms in the new world. Kai must choose between the Prince of the Moon kingdom or the Princess of the Sun Kingdom to share his throne with.


2. Moon. Shayde


                Prince of the Moon Kingdom. It’s got a nice ring to it though I highly doubt I’ll be remembered as one of the greats. I’m a pretty simple guy, I don’t have any complex layers, no dark corners where I hide my secrets. Anything you want to know about me just ask, I’m not shy. My parents tell me a King should be a little less upfront about some things. I would have to disagree on that, a king’s job is to serve his people. And that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

I’m going to finally get my kingdom a little bit of a leg up in this power struggle between the Sun and Kamar kingdoms. I fully intend on marrying the prince from the Earth kingdom. Normally in this situation we would be shit out of luck but I’ve heard the rumors about him and luckily for my people they have a prince who may or may not be gay. In all honesty I’m not sure what I am yet but I think I’m the very least Bi. Either way it’s all good news for us.

I want this to go well this weekend, I need to make sure I’ll be able to get my kingdom a little more recognition. We get plenty of respect don’t get me wrong but I want a little more recognition, in the scheme of thing we really don’t get much press time except for around this time of the year. I want my name to be associated with something. Not anything huge mind you, just I want to be known a few generations down the line. I don’t know if that comes off as selfish or not, but I honestly don’t mean it to.

I guess you’d call me a go getter I have a plan and I need to see it through. Regardless of what’s going to get in my way. My Name is Shayde Mayonaka and I will be the one The Earth Prince chooses you can count on that. All I’ve got to rely on are my charming good looks and winning attitude. Most people assume being the “Son” of the moon I’m supposed to be all pale and solitary, well they couldn’t be more wrong about me.

I, shockingly enough, have black hair, and I’m not pale. My parents tell me that my ancestors were from this place called Israel, before the whole world almost ending thing. So long story short I’m tan, like most people in the kingdom actually. The only thing pale about me would be my irises, they just so happen to be silver.  And then there’s my charming smile. First of all it’s more of a crooked smirk. Secondly I have the coolest genetic defect ever, I was born with five canine teeth. I have two right next to each other on the upper left hand side of my mouth. It’s the coolest thing about me in my, as always, humble opinion. I hate my hair though; it makes me look like a punk. It’s black and cut pretty short. But much like myself, it never does what it’s told, at least not for long. It always looks like I just got out of a wind tunnel.  

I’m pretty much the most outgoing guy I know. I will talk to anyone about anything for hours on end regardless of how well I know you. I guess if there was a negative side to being me it would be my charisma. I don’t know when it shut up sometimes and that can be an issue. I’m being “trained” on how to control my speech but honestly, I don’t think it’s helping. I still run my mouth all the damn time and I can never tell when to just shut up.

Despite the fact that I’m not perfect I honestly think that no matter what happens in the next few days, I will be a good king. I swear by everything under the Moon and the very night itself. I will do something great as the king of my kingdom. I have to, if I don’t I go down as another king who lived an uneventful life, treating his people fairly and passing away in his sleep. And that is the exact opposite of what I want. I want, I want to be remembered. Is that really so much for one guy to ask? That for a few decades after I die people will still talk about me? I know it sounds immature and even greedy but, I can’t help what I feel. All I can do is honor my vows and make my mark in our kingdom. 

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