Sol, Earth, Kamar

Several hundred years in the future a ground breaking event forces life to restart centered around a different sort of religion. Kai, Shayde and Selena are the heirs to the thrones of three of the most powerful kingdoms in the new world. Kai must choose between the Prince of the Moon kingdom or the Princess of the Sun Kingdom to share his throne with.


1. Earth. Kai

        A long time ago there was a crisis on our planet. As time went on the Earth began to move away from the sun, falling out of orbit. Our ancestors prayed to every god of every religion the world had to offer, and nothing changed. So one day a man began praying for the sun to draw us back into her warm embrace, a woman began to pray to the moon begging him to push us closer to the sun. And two siblings, one brother and one sister prayed to mother earth to realign herself. Through some miracle the earth was restored to its natural place among the stars.

           Now there stands three kingdoms, one who worships the sun, another worships the moon and the kingdom I am from, we worship mother earth. Every time a king or queen reaches the point where they can no longer rule a new prince or princess is chosen to rule the kingdom. The heir to the throne has nothing to do with bloodlines and successions, it all depends on who mother earth chooses to lead her kingdom. And fifteen years ago I was chosen to be the next son of the Earth.

               I’m not how they know I was chosen. When I was younger I had imagined the earth itself had trembled and volcanoes had erupted to form a giant arrow in the earth pointing right at me. It probably didn’t happen exactly like that but I’m sure it had to be a pretty clear sign. It sometimes bothers me that I have no clue what makes me so special. I don’t feel special and I certainly don’t look the part of royalty. Not like the king that reigns over us now.

                He’s much taller than I am for starters with short silver hair and intense brown eyes. They say that in his youth he had dark red hair resembling the color of clay. I don’t think I’ll ever look like royalty; I have calm blue eyes, like the ocean. My hair is a mixture of shades of brown, it looks like mud to me no matter how I look at it. And for the life of me I cannot keep clean shaven I always have stubble spreading across my jaw line. Nothing about me says future king. My name is Kai Nerezza and I am the soon to be king of The Kingdom of Earth. And this is just the beginning of my story.

                A little known fact about the Earth Kingdom, although other kingdoms exist is considered to be the central capitol of the world these days. To become the king of The Earth Kingdom requires a large amount of training and the right kind of support from the other kingdoms. The Sol and The Kamar, the sun and moon, Kingdoms are considered the second most influential kingdoms in our region. So naturally there is a strong alliance among the three kingdoms. The most prominent feature is considered a way of mixing the three cultures.

 The tradition goes that the Prince or Princess of the Earth Kingdom is expected to marry one of the heirs to the throne of either the Son or Moon kingdoms. Our current king is married to the former princess from the Sun Kingdom. I’m expected to as well seeing as the other option is the prince from the Moon Kingdom. I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to make that decision. I’m either blessed or cursed depending on how you look at it, to keep it simple I’ll just say I have a healthy interest in both genders. It’s a blessing because as I've constantly been told, it’s about time we had an open minded king. It’s a curse because this is what I will always be remembered for no matter what else I do as king short of destroying the world, I will always be known as the bisexual king.

I never was much of a fan of the idea of labeling people but no matter what I believe about it it’s not going to change. It’s part of our human nature and there’s not much I can do to change that, just like I can’t change the fact that I have a meeting with the other two heirs this weekend. It’s another tradition for the Earth Prince to meet the other two just to get to know them both. It’s a smart move because regardless of who I marry I will still have to get along moderately well with the other heir. To say the least the next few days are going to be very interesting. 

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