We Can Teach You (15+)

"Our objective is to teach Lirry the basics of kissing and other levels that we cannot discuss at school." I whispered in Harry's ear as we watched her open her locker near by.
"We can teach you." I said as Harry came from behind me and smiled at Lirry. "Look, I do not know what is going on, so please let me go home! I need to do homework!" she whined while crossing her arms.
"Oh, you're so innocent." Harry and I cooed.
You now get what we're trying to do now, right? Yes, our objective is to turn innocent little Lirry to a hot and sexy not-so innocent girl. Harry and I have our fingers crossed.


2. Chapter Two

A/N Hi! I forgot who commented last chapter, but. THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT AND FEEDBACK! THANKS! xoxo stay strong and beautiful my lovely Darklings! (I'll explain later)




Edward's POV


"EDWARD AND LAUREN HAVE TO KISS!" everyone shouted in disgust, everyone knew her as the slut, yeah, I agree, I don't even know how she got into our flat though.


"Come here, big boy." she winked at me, I swear, Harry almost barfed into a garbage can. I shivered quietly as I crouched in front of her, everyone had their eyes covered, even Lirry.


When her lips almost connected with mine, I panicked and turned my head swiftly. I sighed in relief when she grumbled and moved back.


I sat back to my own spot while Lirry went to go answer the door.


"O-oh hello, Mrs. and Mr. Sty-Styles!" she says rather loud for us to hear, "Uh, yeah! Nothing's going wrong. Uh what? Party? N-no! No, I think you're mistaken." she stuttered and tried to cover our parents' view of inside with her arms.


"Since I am so nice, let me give you a ride to the air-airport since your ca-car broke down." she offered, she sighed in relief and waved. "I'll be back later Styles Twins, don't make a mess." she scolded.


And that's when she left. "Oh my god, that was a close one." Harry gasped, "Stacey, tell everyone in the backyard to quiet down." I whisper in her arm, she then nods and walks out of the back door.


"The airport is just 10 minutes from here, why didn't your parents just walk?" Niall questions, "Niall, Lirry was trying to stall them so she thought she could bring them to the airport so that they wouldn't see what we're doing." Liam explained, Niall nodded, "Smart girl." he mumbled while grabbing a handful of chips.


"What about we play Never Have I Ever?" Louis questions with a devious smile.


"Back!" Lirry sang while opening the door and closing it, "That wasn't even 10 minutes!" Zayn complained, "Their parents didn't want to be a burden so they just got out of my car." she shrugged while taking a chip from Niall's hand.


"What are we playing?" she questions while sitting behind me and wrapping her arms around my neck while moving side to side a bit.


"Never Have I Ever." Harry answered, "Everyone got their 5 shots?" I call, they nod, "I want to play but I don't want to drink." she pouts and sighs.


"There's water here." I point to 5 shot glasses filled with water just in case Lirry was going to play.


"Let's play!" she cheers with a huge smile on her face, "Never have I ever kissed a guy." Louis grinned and looked around the circle, all of the girls and some guys have, all except Lirry.


"What? Lirry are you a lesbian?" Stacey asked, 'shocked' that Lirry didn't drink her shot of water.


"Never have I ever kissed a girl." Stacey smirked at Lirry, a couple of guys and girls picked up their shots but Lirry didn't. I took a shot and put the little item down afterwards.


She looked down, she seemed a bit upset.


"Never have I ever had sex." Niall claims, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Stacey and a bunch of girls and other guys took their third shot.


"Oh, virgin, I see." Dave wiggled his eyebrows at Lirry making her wrap her arms around my neck a bit tighter.


"Never have I ever been raped." Dave says simply, Lirry was the only one who took a shot, AKA her water.


Everyone looked at her as she sighed and lay the empty little cup into my hand.


"Never have I ever gotten pregnant and got an abortion." Lauren says.


Lirry took another little cup then handed it to me, empty. She bit her lip and sighed, closing her eyes and placing her head in the crook of my neck.


"Wait," I realized something, "Lirry why didn't you drink your water when Niall said he had never had sexual intercourse?" I question, "I won't let it count, it didn't mean anything. It was only to pleasure that guy who shoved me against the wall." she whispered in my ear.


We both frowned, I rubbed her back as we kept going.


"Never have I ever gotten arrested." Harry said, no one took a shot, shocking!


Lirry's POV


"Never have I ever gotten arrested." Harry said, no one took a shot.

That's shocking, but I have a secret, and I have to explain later.


My hand shook as I reached for the little cup, 2 more down then I'll lose. I shakily drank the water and handed it to Edward.


He looked down at his hand and his face held surprise. "Lirry, why were you arrested?" Liam questioned while taking a drink of water, not for the game though.


Everyone's eyes were on me, "I-I vandalized a building and injured a 27 year old man." I say quietly, Louis laughed while Zayn gave me a high five when I showed a picture of the spray painting and where I was being arrested.


"For some reason, Cathy took a photo of me being arrested." I reasoned, "That's not bad! But it says, 'Everyone Is My Bitch'." Kirk commented, "I was drunk." I murmured, "WHAT?!" Harry and Edward shouted making me jump.


"It was a one time thing!" she explained, "Whatever." they both mumbled.


"Never have I ever gotten a hickey." I say, fiddling with my thumbs. Everyone took a shot.


"Unattractive." I mumble.


"Alright, everyone, OUT!" Edward shouts angrily. I shrunk as everyone filed out and even some people without clothes.


'Why are the other 4 boys going?" I whispered quietly as the others walked out.


"Because we don't need them." Harry growls as he leaned to my ear.


"Um, what's happening?" I chuckle nervously, "This is very disturbing." I murmur as they come close to my collarbones.


"If you don't find hickeys attractive, we'll just have to make you see how attractive it is." Harry whispered in my ear.


"Wha-what? I-I don't understa-"


Edward's POV


I rolled my eyes as she started to panic, "Wha-what? I-I don't understa-" I shut her up by locking her lips with mine.


She became paralyzed, Harry went to kiss her collarbones, AKA make hickeys. "Please stop it." she mumbled as I pulled away.


She started to scream and thrash around, "No! Please stop!" she screamed as we tried to pin her down since she was hitting us and scratching us.


"Shh, we won't hurt you. Promise." I whispered. She frowned at both of us.


"But even if I'll agree, I-I don't even know how to-" "Sh. We can teach you." Harry soothed.


"O-okay." she agreed quietly.


"Great, we will you bring you to my bedroom." I grin while carrying her upstairs, Harry following behind.

















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