We Can Teach You (15+)

"Our objective is to teach Lirry the basics of kissing and other levels that we cannot discuss at school." I whispered in Harry's ear as we watched her open her locker near by.
"We can teach you." I said as Harry came from behind me and smiled at Lirry. "Look, I do not know what is going on, so please let me go home! I need to do homework!" she whined while crossing her arms.
"Oh, you're so innocent." Harry and I cooed.
You now get what we're trying to do now, right? Yes, our objective is to turn innocent little Lirry to a hot and sexy not-so innocent girl. Harry and I have our fingers crossed.


3. Chapter Three *FILLER*

Lirry's POV 



I then thought about the whole situation as Edward was being followed by Harry.


"I-I'm sorry, can I change my mind?" they both shook their heads, my heart started to race as we arrived at Edward's bedroom.


"I-I can't." I say quietly and run out of his arms and bash out of the house.


I sprint to my house as fast as I can before the boys catch up with me. When I get into my house, I lock my doors, windows and other places where they can enter my flat.


I sigh in relief as I walk into my bedroom and go to change into my pajamas.


I put my reading glasses on as I pull my patterned sweater down. I jumped onto my bed and grab my favorite book, 'Death Mask'.


It's quite the horror book, and it's pretty educational if you're wanting to be a doctor or nurse. OR gynecologist.


'You should close the curtains when you change (; xx ~Harry' I groaned as I read the text, so now they're on their roof, using binoculars?


'Oh shut your bums, I can hear you two giggling. ~Lirry' I responded, I put my phone back down and went to continue reading my book. 


As I was getting into the book, another text was received, 'You look adorable with your tongue poking out, bet it could do some magic. c; ~Edward' I grumbled as I crawled under the covers, angrily shoving my phone under my pillow.


'Can you guys be less perverted? I'm not going to do whatever you guys want me to do' I text back after a couple of seconds, going back to the book I was reading.


I sat criss crossed as my phone kept buzzing with random perverted texts. 'Fine, if you don't want to do it, you can watch it. ~Harry' was one of the texts, at first I didn't understand, but then there was a text from Edward that had a link.


I scratched my neck and put my neck down softly.


I clicked the link and it showed Edward and Harry naked, next to each other on the roof. "Hi, Lirry." Edward and Harry gave a small smirk and wave to the phone.


"We did warn you that you were going to watch it." Harry winked, "Oh my god." I mumble, my eyes widening at what they were doing.


I screamed, throwing my phone out the open window. "DISGUSTING! WHAT THE HECK?! EW." I shouted, wiping my eyes, trying to break the vision out, but it didn't help, obviously.


"GEEZ! I NEED TO DO HOMEWORK! NOW STOP MAKING THOSE WEIRD NOISES." I shout through the window, hearing distant laughs afterwards.


I groaned and laid my head on my desk.





I slung my bag over my shoulder and walked out of my flat with an apple in my hand, I waved back to my sister and started to walk to school.


"Hey, Lirry! Get a good night's sleep?" Edward asked, walking beside me. "Not really." I mumbled, rubbing my eyes. 


"Aw, why not?" Harry questioned as Edward wrapped his arm around my neck, Harry doing the same with my waist. "You guys kept making unhuman noises!" I complained.


"Sorry, we were having 'fun'." I covered my ears as they made the same noises as last night. They both removed my hands from my ears.


"Next time, it'll be you making those noises." Harry whispered, Edward winking in a mischievous way.


Everyone turned towards us as Harry and Edward made whale and walrus noises, their groins moving close to my hands. I lifted my arms up, showing everyone that I'm doing nothing.


I blushed as a group giggled. "You guys are so stupid." I mumbled, as they started to dry hump the air abnormally.


"We know you like this." Harry chuckled, kissing my cheek and wrapping his arm around me. "Not really. I'm not that girl. Remember?" I giggled, unwrapping his arm and walking to my locker.


"And please. Do not dry hump the air when I'm around?" I chuckled, opening my locker and throwing a pencil at both of their heads.


They nodded and walked to their lockers, slowly and barely humping the lower lockers.


"Really?" I laughed, closing my locker as I got all of my binders and books.


"Stop it, get your things, go to your homeroom." I sighed, shaking my head. They frowned, obeying my words and walking towards their homeroom.


I grinned and walked towards my homeroom.


Just two people, but too much trouble.














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