The Legacy

Thinking she was finally free from the threat of being homeless, Abby moves into the estate she unexpectedly inherited from her grandmother that she met only once in her whole eighteen years of existence.

What she didn't know was that she inherited more than just the property.


1. Prologue

Liana grabbed the fountain pen with shaky hands. After adjusting herself into a more comfortable writing position on her bed, she placed the light table used for her breakfast on her lap and pulled out a pale blue parchment paper from under the bedside table. 

Still thinking of what to write on the paper, she looked at the beautiful scenery outside the floor to ceiling window to her right. The state of the sky reminded her that dawn was almost breaking. The stars were disappearing and baby blue was replacing the indigo sky.

She tried to massage her trembling right hand with her left and gripped the pen tighter as she began to write..

To my dearest Abigail...



Liana replaced the pen on the bedside table and weakly lied back on the bed, bringing the letter to her face. Satisfied, she folded the neat paper and encased it in an ivory white envelope. She pulled a bronze key out of her nightgown's pocket and then placed it in the envelope, and finally, sealing it with the family crest.

Liana looked at the window again and saw the sun peeking through the treetops. She could now hear heavy lazy footsteps coming down the wooden staircase. A few seconds later, there was a soft thud and a meow of a cat. She sighed, already anticipating it to happen.

Her bedroom door opened and in came a black cat. It jumped onto her bed and immediately cuddled her. She held him with her pale wrinkled hands and breathed deeply - as deep as she can without going into a coughing fit.

"I've written it," Liana showed the sealed letter to the cat as if it could understand her. It sniffed the object in return.

"Don't worry, she's a nice girl," she held the picture of a young girl and the cat meowed in response. "Pretty, isn't she?" she said, and the cat purred. "Now, don't be giving her headaches, alright?" she laughed weakly at the cat's stare at her.

The cat meowed again as it sat on Liana's belly. "You'll see her soon, just be patient."


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