"If you ask me, I will stay. If you tell me the three words we both know you want to say, then I'll be yours."

"Harry, I-" my lips quivered as a tear fell down his soft cheek, his hand quickly rising to wipe it away as he turned away from me and left, slamming the door behind him.


2. Chapter One

"Aud," Zak gasped as he sat up on his elbows, forehead clammy and hair up in every which direction. He adjusted the duvet over his body as I rolled out of the bed.  

"Yes, Z," I turned to smile at him, as I maneuvered around the bedroom, hunting for the lingerie set that had been scattered on the floor just moments before.  

"Can you, uh... make me a sandwich?" He smiled at me, his eyes  squinting shut as I rolled my eyes and let out a huff.  

"Seriously, Zak," I pulled my black lace panties up and re-hooked my bra onto my chest, "sometimes you are just so helpless." He let out a snort as I walked out of the room, the cold air conditioning hitting my body at once and sending chills up my spine. I padded down the stairs, looking out the window at the blue sky that had unmasked itself from the shield of clouds.  The bright sun beamed through the glass, illuminating each piece of furniture and lighting up the whole house. My feet took me to the kitchen, my mind in a trance. I tugged at the handles of the stainless steel refrigerator, the doors finally swinging open and the contents inside revealed.   

"Ham and cheese, please," Zak spoke as he walked into the room behind me, his hand rubbing his eye and a yawn surging through his body.  

"Whatever," I sighed as my hand latched on the the pack of honey sliced ham and cheddar cheese. Zak tugged open the "carb drawer," as we called it,  pulling the bag of bread out and tossing it onto the counter. "Wow, thanks," I chuckled sarcastically, as he came behind me, his hands sliding down my bare stomach to my waist.   

"Mhm," he whispered into my ear, his lips pressing against my jawline gently as he took a piece of cheese from in front of me and popped it into his mouth.  I watched him as he walked towards the living area, his toned back moving as he took a step towards the couch.  Seconds later I heard the television turn on, and I returned to my work.  I arranged the ham and cheese on the green ceramic  plate, tucking a napkin underneath the sandwich. The plate felt cool against my hand as I delivered it to Zak, finding him lounging on the white leather couch with the Sports Center on.  He didn't bother to look up at me, his hand out gesturing me to place it in his large palm. I sneered in disgust, shoving the plate into his grip and turning back to the kitchen.   "Babe, I dropped my napkin, can you come pick it up?" Zak called, a smirk on his face and a dimple on his cheek. I couldn't help but smile, his adorable face unnerving emotions in me that had been covered up.   

"No," I snickered as a look of appall appeared on his face.  He placed the plate on the table in front of him and hopped over the back of the couch, chasing me back into the kitchen. I screamed laughter as I ran around the island, the beautiful ringing of Zak's laughter mixing with mine.  "Zak," I cried, trying to catch my breath as he slowly approached me, his arms outstretched. His hands smoothed over my hips, his fingers drumming into my skin. He pulled me closer, wrapping his muscular arms around me.  His bright, caramel colored eyes peered back at me as I kissed his neck gently.   

"Beautiful," he whispered into my ear, his eyes glancing down at my body in the minimum space between us. My cheeks turned a shade of pink as he kissed me, his lips gentle and passionate against mine. My hands latched onto the back of his neck, my fingers nimbly stroking his nape.  He deepened the kiss, his pelvis pressing against mine as he pressed me back against the countertops. My hands ran through his dark hair as he lifted me up onto the cool granite, causing me to squeal in shock.  His hands fumbled with the clasps of my bra, just as the doorbell rang. Zak let out a huff and groaned as he detached himself from me and walked towards the door. I peered around the moulding of the door frame, eyeing him as he pulled the dark wooden door open. "Harry!" I heard him say, the ringing of hands clapping  together followed.  

Zak stepped aside, allowing the stranger to step into our house, his head bouncing in a nod.  When I finally caught a glimpse of this unidentified figure, my breath hitched in my chest. Looking at him made me melt, the beauty of him illuminating around the room. The boy was tall, standing around 6'1, his legs extending for ages.  He wore dark skinny jeans with a black t-shirt, and tight black jeans. Tattoos ran down his body, the careful pictures inked along his arms and neck, his skin a scroll and the needle the pen. A permanent pout was plastered on his lips, the pink color irresistible and raw. His hair, tufts of chocolate curls piled on his head, moved each time he spoke or laughed, and I imagined touching it, the soft locks under my fingers. I maneuvered around the door frame, walking into the lobby of our house. The boys' eyes were drawn to my body, the green orbs traveling up and down my tanned skin. A smirk rose on his face, a dimple carved into his cheek, only for what seemed like seconds before the gesture faded. I felt color rise to my cheeks, as Zak followed the boys' gaze to me.  

"Auden! Put some clothes on, Harry's here," Zak rolled his eyes at me, his brow furrowing as he walked towards me, pushing me in the direction of the stairs.  So his name was Harry. My gaze hung on Harry, absorbing his figure as Zak continued to push me up the stairs. The boys' eyes bore into mine, his face expressionless. I pulled my bottom lip in between my teeth, my eyes narrowing slightly as Zak pushed me behind the wall that guarded us from Harry's view. I turned towards Zak, noticing his loving, caramel eyes had turned dark. His breathing became uneven, his grip on my waist becoming unbearably tight. My heart thumped in my chest and my hands clenched his, my palms clammy. I thought he was done with this. Zak's hands left my waist, gripping my arms as he pushed me into the wall, my head hitting the surface hard.    

"Zak," I spoke sternly, clutching his forearms as his face turned a deep shade of red. "Zak, please, calm down," I whispered, rubbing his arms gently and softly.  Grunts escaped his mouth as he continued to shake. I felt small and helpless underneath his overpowering figure. I heard the curious footsteps of Harry as he took steps up the stairs, his black boots stomping each time they hit solid surface.      

"Harry, go back down stairs," I spoke cautiously, not loud enough to enrage Zak more. Zak grabbed my shoulders and began to shake me, each time my body hitting against the  wall. His fingers pressed into my skin with immense power, I knew bruises would take the spot of his fingertips when I woke.  

"Auden," he growled, his eyes clenching shut as he let out breaths of aggravation.   

"Yes, Zak. I'm here, everything's okay. You can get through this, you can do it.  Please, you can do it," I yelped, trying my best to comfort him and ease the pain from my self. My hands involuntarily went to his arms, rubbing them fast enough for him to notice I was there. Harry's curiosity got the best of him, his green pupils peering around the corner and witnessing the event. His eyes stayed hooded as his footsteps became closer, the boots once again smashing beneath him. "Zak. Zak, please.  Calm down," I begged as the footsteps became louder, closer.   Without a word, Harry walked straight into Zak, pulling him by the collar. Zak turned to Harry, his eyes wild, his hands gripping the cotton of Harry's t-shirt. I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding, as I rushed towards Harry.   

"Stay away," his husky voice growled as he began to walk down the hallway with Zak, as Zak punched him in the sides. Harry stood taller than Zak, yet Zak was buffer, but I had no doubt that Harry wouldn't defend himself and lose at any costs. Harry pushed him into the wall, the noise deafening as it echoed through the hall. Zak raised his left hand, hooking Harry in the jaw as Harry shoved him into the closest room. I followed after the two, running towards the bathroom and frantically searching the drawers for the bottle from so many years ago.   

"Hurry," Harry spoke harshly as my hands clenched the familiar blue bottle.  I ran out of the bathroom, flicking the switch as I kneeled next to Zak.  I uncapped the bottle and Harry held his jaw open, hands prying against Zak's powerful force, as I let one pill slide down his throat. Zak coughed and Harry released him, but I slid in between his knees.   

"Zak, you're okay. Zak, you're gonna be okay. Please, take a breath," I eased, my hands latching onto his and my fingers intertwining between his own.  His face turned to a lighter shade of pink, his pupils dilating as the beautiful light brown color returned to his eyes. I let out a sigh of relief as his hands slowly wrapped around my own, his fingers rough against my skin.  

"What happened," he breathed, his eyes looking down at my body and slowly back to my face, "and why are you naked?" I blushed and stood, quickly running into the closet. I felt eyes on me, but I quickly ignored the feeling and shut the door behind me.  Complete silence filled the room, leaving me to deal with my thoughts and compose myself before I entered the room again. I threw on a t-shirt and a pair of joggers and walked out, greeted immediately by Zak.

"Auden, Did I hurt you? Are you hurt?" His fingers observed each part of my body, his eyes full of worry and hurt.  

"Z-Zak, I'm okay. How are you feeling?" I spoke softly, pulling his arms away gently and kissing each hand.    

"I don't know," he sighed sadly, his body falling to the bed.   

"Zak, I-we thought they were gone," I whispered as I crossed my hands and sat next to him on the plush bed.  

"It happens, he wasn't permanently cured," Harry snapped, his eyes wandering towards the door, anger and another emotion reflection through his eyes.  

"He told you?" I stood, walking towards the tall boy with eyebrows raised.  

"Yes," he spoke. Simple words that made my heart throb as I neared him. He smelled of smoke and soap, and a hint of vanilla, a combination that made my nose tingle. I peered into his eyes, noticing they were a deep shade of emerald, beautiful put against the tanned color of his skin. I rolled my eyes and turned back to Zak, who had started to doze off like he always did after one of his episodes.   

"I think you should go," I blinked at Harry as I walked towards him, corralling him into the hallway. His boots seemed glued to the ground, his body not moving as I ran into him. My breath hitched in my throat as his eyes, wild and exciting, peered back at me. He eventually turned, the beloved smirk that made my heart stop beating, plastered on his face. I regained my breath, shutting the door behind the two of us, as I followed him down the stairs and towards the front door. His lips thinned into a line and his brow furrowed as I opened the door.   

"I was invited," he said coldly, the words sounding beautiful as they danced with his accent.  

"I noticed," I smiled and nodded sarcastically, using my hands to turn him towards the door.  

"Observant little one, are we?" he glowered, his eyes expressing the sarcasm that was thick in his voice. I snorted as my hands pressed against his chest, my eyes opening wider as the toned muscle contracted beneath my palms. He chuckled at my foolish behavior, before turning quickly and walking out the door. My eyes followed him down the drive, his slick, black Audi parked behind my white Subaru. "I don't like to be stared at," he said as I watched him walk away, his biceps contracting as he ran a hand through his hair, pushing the curly locks out of  view. The boy got in the car, and I swear I saw him wink, before backing out of the drive carefully, and speeding down the road.  



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