Life in the Friend Zone

The Friend Zone is a real place. It is like a cross between a boarding school and a hospital. And Dakota Fenway knows it all too well. She entered the friend zone for the first time when she was in fourth grade. She is one of the only girls. The Friend Zone is a mind set, not a physical place. It connects all the minds together who are in the friend zone and you stay there until you break away from the friend. You are told no one has ever broken through the friend zone into something more because it would upset the balance. Dakota has entered in the friend zone once again during her senior year two weeks before prom. She is determined to get her friend Harry Warren to see her as more then a good friend. And no one, not even the Heads of Fate, are going to stop her. Watch as she jumps between the real world and Friend Zone and adds her own sarcastic touch.


3. Pointless Hopes and Forgotten Dreams

    "You have got to be kidding, right?" I said to the woman outside my cell.
    "Dakota," she replied calmly, "You should know by now that I do not kid. But I see you found yourself a new interest once again who doesn't really see  you that way." 
    "You don't know that." I grumbled, sitting on my bed as I watched my reflection in the real world wipe away at makeup smears. 
    "Yes, well Mr. Aaron's mind readings currently go like this: Oh my gosh, Carry is so amazing. I hope Dakota won't mind. She probably won't. She is such a good friend. Carry is so hot, Carry is so artsy, Carry is so nice, Carry is so hot." 
    "Wow, that was really vague...but I think he likes Carry, I'm just not sure." I remarked.
    "Dakota, we do not tolerate sarcasm here." the woman said.
    "Yeah, yeah, I know Brenda." I replied.
    "My name is not Brenda. I do not have a name. I am simply a woman."
    "Well 'A Woman', I think I am going to call you Brenda from now on." I added. 
    "Dakota, I must warn you, do not get into a fight like you did last time." Brenda said in a monotone voice. 
    "Oh, what, the old piles of skin and bones that tell me how my life is supposed to go?" I said, annoyed. 
    "Dakota, don't mess around with the Council of Fate. They are wise elders who-"
    "Yeah, yeah I know: wise elders who know the good and bad decisions we make and prevent us from making the wrong decision that does not correspond with fate." 
    "Dakota, the Council told you that fate did not include Jesse dating you, and it doesn't include Aaron either. So, stop trying to change fate. Carry and Aaron's fate has been decided already." 
    "And their fate would be..." I motioned for her to reveal the fate.
    "You know I cannot tell you Dakota. Too much risk. We can't have you trying to break them off."
    "Hey this place is really boring, when can I go back to the dance?" 
    "When the slow dance is over you will walk out and let Carry tell you about the dance and be happy for her. Do you understand?" 
    "Yes, Brenda."
    "That is not my name, Dakota."
    "Yeah, I know, but I like annoying you. Now say the words."
    "You are excused." 
    I blinked and then I was back in the bathroom. The slow dance was just about to end. I wiped the smears of mascara and walked out with a smile. Carry ran up to me with a smile. 
    "Oh my god, Dakota, you will not believe what just happened!" she yelled over the dubstep remix that was playing. 
    "What?" I asked, trying to be surprised.
    "Aaron asked me to dance!" she looked genuinely happy, and I decided that maybe it would be a bad idea to sabotage.
    "Wow, Carry! That's amazing!" I said, trying to sound excited. 
    "I know right! I didn't even think Aaron liked me until now! And guess what?" she continued eagerly.
    "He's taking me to the movies next weekend! We're seeing horror!" 
    "You hat horror, it scares the crap out of you."
    "I know, but Aaron wanted to see it, and I think it's cuz he wants to find excuses to put his arm around me."
    "Yeah probably. Good for you, Carry."
    "Yeah it's awesome. But right now, let's go dance!" she exclaimed. I smiled as she led me onto the dance floor towards the group of boys. Me and Aaron made jokes, like normal friends, and David complained about Chelsea friend-zoning him. I laughed at that, then wondered if I'd ever catch him in the friend zone one day. 
    All in all, the dance was amazing. But as I fell asleep that night, I wondered if Aaron would ever see me as more than a friend. If anyone would ever see me as more than a friend. But Aaron never would. I was his go-to friend for advice on girls and how to treat them. I let a few tears slip past my cheek. I just wished I could be more than a friend to one guy. Just once.


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