Life in the Friend Zone

The Friend Zone is a real place. It is like a cross between a boarding school and a hospital. And Dakota Fenway knows it all too well. She entered the friend zone for the first time when she was in fourth grade. She is one of the only girls. The Friend Zone is a mind set, not a physical place. It connects all the minds together who are in the friend zone and you stay there until you break away from the friend. You are told no one has ever broken through the friend zone into something more because it would upset the balance. Dakota has entered in the friend zone once again during her senior year two weeks before prom. She is determined to get her friend Harry Warren to see her as more then a good friend. And no one, not even the Heads of Fate, are going to stop her. Watch as she jumps between the real world and Friend Zone and adds her own sarcastic touch.


10. Just When I Thought...

    I stepped off the bus on Monday to be greeted by Nova looking at me angrily. 
    "Hey Nova!" I said cheerfully. 
    "Follow me, we need to talk." she said before grabbing my arm. She led me to a bench near the music building where Harry and Damon were, but they weren't sitting on the bench. She put me down on the bench and they all looked at me with concerned looks. 
    "So, Dakota, what happened at detention?" Damon said after a minute of silence.
    "Nothing." I said, confused. 
    "Really, because according to Greg Harrison, it was a lot more than nothing." Harry added, a slight lisp due to his braces. 
    "Oh, yeah...that." I realized.
    "Listen, Greg went to our school, and he really wasn't a good kid." Nova explained.
    "He has a couple issues, but other than that he seems fine. I'll go on a date with him, and if he's cool, I'll try another date, if I don't end up liking him, I'll tell him, okay?" I said. 
    "Dakota, if  he tries anything on you-" Damon started.
    "He's not going to try anything, and if he does, I will simply kick him where the sun don't shine and run off." I said, getting up. They didn't stop me. 
    "Just be careful." Harry finished. We all bid farewells and Nova and I headed off to our advisory. 
    As soon as we entered the room, we noticed a sub was there. She was old and snoring softly. Nova and I exchanged looks before walking over to the lady and lightly shaking her shoulder. She shuddered and went "Oooooooh" and fluttered her eyes before opening them widely. 
    "Ummm...lady, you kind of..dozed off." Nova said awkwardly. 
    "Oh my, well I guess I must've. Thank you girls. Please take a seat so we can give announcements." we nodded and sat down. 
    "How are our substitutes so old?" I asked, confused.
    "My friend's a sophomore, she told me it's because all the subs are annoying retired teachers who don't want to leave but really are too old to teach. The school board feels bad so they let them be subs and help with homework if we need it." Nova shrugged, then pointed to the lady, who had fallen asleep again in her chair. We rolled our eyes and decided to just leave her. We continued to talk until the bell rang and we separated for our classes. I stepped into algebra 1 and took my seat, meeting my algebra teacher with a glare. She still hated me and it had been a week. I just smiled and waved at her from my seat in the back. 
    Algebra went by smoothly, and next up I had theater class. We were all auditioning today for the fall play. Nova was in the theater class after me. I glanced at the script I held in my hand. We were doing Grease, and I was trying out for Rizzo. I tried to convince Nova to try out for her since she seemed more intimidating, but she said that she was more into doing the music for the play behind the scenes. She had recorded the music herself and would be working the soundboard for the play. 
    I walked in all eyes fell on me. I had been able to recognize more faces since the first day. For example, Georgia was in my class and still had blue hair, which was awesome. It would be gone after this week so I was still relishing in my victory. I sat down in one of the auditorium seats as our teacher got up onto the stage. Currently, I was friends with one person in almost all of my classes. We just talked in the class and said hello in the hallways. Right now I was sitting with Luna, who had moved here a month ago from England, and was a sophomore. 
    "Hey Luna!" I said as I quickly read through my lines. She wasn't trying out, but was the stage manager for the show  because of her loud voice. It didn't exactly go with her tiny, frail body. 
    "Hello!" she said. I smiled. British accents are so cool! 
    "People tell me that all the time. I don't get it." she added. What? Either she can read minds or I just said that out loud. 
    "No I can't read minds, and yes you just said your thoughts aloud twice." she said with a grin. I felt heat come up my cheeks as I face-palmed myself. Suddenly the drama teachers voice rang through the auditorium. 
    "Alright, students! Listen up." she said and waited until the auditorium fell silent. "Okay, so all of you filled out for parts to try out and I am just going to go through in alphabetical order. This should take up exactly 36 minutes if we work efficiently and you should have one minute extra. So let's get started." 
    She called up people one by one. We had to sing one minute of a song, then perform a scene by our character. I was in the middle, and when I looked at the list order I saw that Georgia was right before me and she was trying out for Sandy. I chuckled at the irony that I was trying out for the  bad girl and she the good girl. Finally my name was called. I got up and stood on the stage confidently. 
    "Alright, Dakota. You're trying out for Rizzo, correct?" she assured. 
    "Yes, ma'am." I replied. 
    "Alright, sing it." she said.
    The music started playing and I lightly tapped my hand against my leg so I knew when to come in. As soon as I started singing, it felt like it was just me. I sang through the song and she smiled at me before giving me a scene to do. I performed it and she said thank you. I ran back to my seat and Luna gave me a thumbs up. Everyone went through, and the bell rang right as the last student said his final line in the scene. 
    "Alright everyone, remember: final casting and callbacks will be posted tomorrow. Good luck and have a wonderful day." I got up and walked out, saying goodbye to Luna and making my way to my next class. As I was walking out my phone dinged, signaling I had a text. I looked down to see that it was a text from Greg. 
From: Greg
To: me
meet me at lunch at the bench near the music building 

    I quickly texted him back. 

From: me
To: Greg
Kk :)

    I got into my desk at World History just as the bell rang. As soon as it was over I went to my last class before lunch then texted Nova telling her I'd be late to lunch. I ran to the bench and Greg was waiting. He looked up and smiled. 
    "Hey Dakota, I just wanted to properly apologize for everything that happened at detention. I was a total douchebag." he admitted, looking at me sincerely.
    "Hey, it's all good. So, where are we going for the date?" I asked. He looked down at the ground. 
    "You see, that's what I wanted to talk about with you." he began.
    "Oh God..." I mumbled. Thankfully, he didn't hear me. 
    "You see, I was excited to take you on a date, but then Georgia..." he said. 
    "What did she say?" I asked, holding back tears.
    "She said that she wanted to get back with me and that she'd changed since last year when we dated. I didn't believe her so she told me she'd tell me more about it after school. So we hung out at Starbucks and she seemed to be really nice and I found myself falling for her over again. Then when she was leaving she kissed me and I kissed her back. And I just can't go on a date with you after what you did to her." he explained. 
    "Are you serious right now? She's evil Greg! You sound brainwashed!" I yelled. He suddenly got angry. 
    "Georgia has changed. I spent time with her and she gave me her side of the story on what happened. I'm sorry Dakota, but you may be the evil one." he said. "And Georgia says I shouldn't talk to you. But we can still be, you know, friends."
    "Well she doesn't have to tell you because after this, why even bother talking to an idiot! And we are NOT friends!" I snapped and shoved him. He didn't follow me or tell me to come back. When I looked back, he was making out with Georgia, who I guess had been waiting for the conversation to unfold. I rolled my eyes. I didn't need people like this in my life. I didn't even want to be friends with him like he said. As soon as I opened the door to the cafeteria, I was in the Friend Zone cafeteria. Brenda was standing in front of me. 
    "Brenda, you made a mistake. I'm not in the friend zone right now." I explained, not wanting to deal with this right now.
    "Actually, your mind has a yearning for Greg no matter how much you deny it. Also, he said you could be friends. It's kind of complicated." she replied, leading me to my room. 
    "Listen Brenda, this isn't the rejection zone. It's the friend zone. Greg is not my friend. And I don't like him. He likes Georgia now. How could I ever like him if he's never going to like me as more than a 'friend'" I said. "Oh. I get it now. Because he said we could be friends and I kind of still like him I'm in the friend zone." I sighed. 
    "You see, Dakota. You know, we missed you while you were gone." she said, attempting to cheer me up. 
    "Yeah, I'm sure you missed me a lot, Brenda. May I go back to real world lunchtime now? I'm starved!" I replied. 
    "Yes Dakota." I blinked and I was walking into the cafeteria. I plopped down in-between Damon and Nova. 
    "Are you okay?" Nova asked. "You look like you've been crying."
    "Georgia sweet-talked Greg into falling in love with her and he rejected me in the worst way possible." I explained. 
    "Friend zone?" Harry suggested. 
    "Friend zone..." I confirmed. "And just when I thought I could get a boyfriend in high school..."
    "Don't sweat it Dakota. Freshman year will be great." Harry added. "You know, freshman mixer is coming up next month. That'll be fun!" I smiled slightly. 
    "Bitch, you're killing my vibe! Cheer up!" Damon joked. I chuckled. 
    Right now, I was glad to have friends to cheer me up. And if I didn't have them, I probably would've stayed in the friend zone over Greg for a month. I was over him by Friday.  


Hola people!!!

First of all, you guys are literally awesome! 

In other news, I haven't updated in a while because I just read The Fault in Our Stars and lemme just say:


I balled my eyes out and if you haven't read it drop everything and read it! I loved it sooo much.

I also was busy trying to get tickets for the Neon Lights Tour and I got tickets! I'm going to the concert at Allstate Arena on March 14th! Who cares if I'm on the upper level? Although i would be cool to be on lower level or have floor seats, I care more about the music then touching her hand really. I've heard Demi sounds amazing live.

Love you guys!

Kit-Kat Kittens, 


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